Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He'd Kill me if he knew...

Yes , Sam would Kill me.... one, if he knew i took this picture, and two , if he knew I posted it on my blog........ He's my baby and i think he is so cute :0)! I have this thing about making sure my bed is fixed and "fluffed" just right... i love getting into a nice bed at night. It seems like as soon as i get the bed made, one of my children loves to crawl into it........ mainly i think to just tick me off. well the other evening I was sitting on the chaise in my room, when he came and plopped on the bed and started chatting away...... mid sentence he stops talking..... i look up from my book and there he was..... sound a sleep in MY bed, I let him nap, he is growing so fast and furious right now, and his stomach is a bottomless pit. We have to buy him shoes every 6 weeks. He is 13 years old, He is only 5'4 or 5'5 right now, but he has huge hands and feet he needs to grow into... his shoes, two weeks ago were 13's, and I can see that the 14's aren't far behind!! He is the most mellow of my children. he is so easy going now...... hmmm I wonder if that will change when he turns 16. Gosh I hope not.

Obviously since i am posting twice today, I must not be busy at work, this has been a very very slow day here so far. Actually i am not sure there is life on this campus, where did everyone go? Oh I am not complaining, I've been busy enough to say the least. and I am so tired right now. I am not even close to eating the amount of foods that I am supposed to do. Gee I can't even really walk outdoor right now while I am on campus. I don't mind getting wet, actually my favorite hikes have been in the pouring rain. it's just I wouldn't look vary professional coming back to my office like a drowned rat now would I?

Do you know what? I really love my husband. there are times I will look at him and want to poke his eyes out (remember Kimmie) but deep down, really and truly i adore him. He loves me and supports me so much. it is nice being loved for Me and what I am on the inside. I think it is because of Bill that I am truly happy with myself. there are so many dimensions to who we are. and people need to take the time to look at that.

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