Monday, May 05, 2008

Morning like this!!!

Okay i am up early, I know that i start work at Kiski at 1pm, so i have the morning to get some chores done, something in the crock pot, and work on my meal planner and workbook that my brother Johnny has me do. I put on some eggs to boil, and sit down and plan for the day..... the phone rings at 7:40am, it is Silvy the lady i babysit for .......

Silvy~~~ sandi are you coming today?

Me~~~ oh Silvy i didn't know i was supposed to come today, i am scheduled for tuesday.

Silvy~~~ oh my, I forget to tell you, I don't need you Tuesday, Maria can't do it today.

Me~~~ I'll be there in 15 minutes

I threw on old clothes, flip flops, who really cares what my hair looks like, besides, since i've cut it pretty much looks the same out of bed, or when I've spent 10 minutes primping with it, hmmm, not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing. I tossed in a sugar free pudding and a Kashi Cereal bar( which i rarely if ever eat) so that i don't starve myself. Shut the partially boiled eggs off, and headed out the door......

I love watching this little guy, He is so cute. His mother is originally from Argentina. He speaks both English and Spanish, so he is actually teaching me a little Spanish! He loves having his picture taken with my cell phone, this picture we are lying on the floor looking up, and i "helped" him snap the picture. So although it wasn't in my plans, I do not mind watching him. I was able to run back home, eat something with Protein, pack my food for the afternoon, and change clothes and than return to Kiski for my evening Job.......... just a few more weeks of both, and considering how quickly time seems to go, it won't be long until my crazy schedule slows down some.

Yesterday was my "day off" No exercise or I should say no formal exercise, and no keeping track of what I eat.... and funny thing, out of the blue Johnny asked me last night to think about what I ate..... and guess what, i hardly ate at all, so i am actually NOT eating on my off day. I didn't have breakfast, i think i had a sugar free pudding as a snack and I ate dinner, a few wings on the grill and I had a cup of ice cream with fresh cut strawberries sweetened with splenda., and that was it...... gee that wasn't good. I don't think i even had supper.... hmmm, bad girl, I am a bad girl!!! The day before though, Bill and I went out to breakfast, I ordered a veggie omelet made with egg beaters, 1/2 cup of seasonal fresh fruit, and 1 piece of whole grain toast. it was delicious, and honestly, i didn't feel deprived at all.

I am for the first time in weeks feeling really tired, I am breathing fine, and my stomach is fine, i truly feel that i am just getting burnt out working morning to night and then trying to catch up on household things on my days off.

I haven't seen much of Christina lately........she is getting so busy, and I am pretty sure that she had a busy weekend, you can't even begin to imagine how hectic her summers get. .. i am just remembering last year.......YOI!!!

Well I have a lot to do today at work, make it a good one

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