Friday, May 02, 2008

~Proud to be an American~

the Mother of the little boy that i babysit for Just became a U.S. citizen. She is from Argentina. The pride in her voice and the smile on her face amazed me. Her home is filled with Red, White, and Blue balloons, and red, white and blue flowers, and red, white and blue cards....It is such an honor for her........a life long dream. Yeah this Country really sucks sometime, and sometimes I wonder if corruption is taking over. BUT for many people in other places, America is still a dream come true, Still the country of choice. And the small percentage of "LOUD" groups, that want to take God out of the Pledge, God Out of the Schools, (Actually in a poll it was like only 10% that wanted this,) and God out of America. But in my heart......... nobody can change it for me, this is ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!

on a wonderful note, on Weds of this week Andrew was Discharged from the care of the Doctors who have been dealing with his brain trauma for 8 months. Andrew is doing great. He is caught up with everything in School, actually he not only made honors, he made the distinguished honor list. He is physically active, able to run 5-7 miles at a clip, No more major headaches for the last month or so. And i love sitting back and watching God work, He really does know what He is doing, You all know that my brother Johnny is staying with Us for a few months, well it turns out that for Andrew to have the greatest chance of not getting a concussion again, it will be strengthen certain muscles in his neck and shoulders. hmmm, perfect My brother is the one that makes the programs for other trainers to use on Athletes......... So he is going to work with Andrew all summer.........yeah!!! Speaking of Working out, Johnny is working me so hard, yeah it is only 25 minute sessions, but when i am done......i am so done!! Kate got to watch yesterday.......and she just laughed at me...... yeah easy for her to laugh, she was sitting on the couch.
Another busy from 8am to 8pm. Kimmie i missed your call, i baby sat until 3 and then came home picked up the kids and left again to go shopping, did not return until the Penguin hockey game started....... Hope your day went well.
Have a great weekend, if all goes as planned, i am scheduled off. which is the first complete weekend off in a month. :0)
Chris i may sneak down and visit Jeanine at some point, She is such a good girl!!!!


Jeanine said...

Aw, Sandi likes me! :) See you this weekend. Maybe I'll pop some popcorn and hang on the couch with Katie to see this workout!

Sandi said...

Ah Jeanine, i more than like ya... i love ya :o) You know i've always adored you! Yeah what the heck, lets make Sandi's workout a form of entertainment..... everyone in my house does!!!
Maybe i'll see you this weekend

Chris said...

Wow, what a love fest you two have going on!

The popcorn sounds good. I could make some brownies! :)