Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The pathway to Peace and Happiness

I have been working at Kiski today since 9am, It is so chilly in Western Pa. I find that I can't sleep past 6am anymore.... its the internal alarm clock going off, which i could just sleep in until 8am, i am not asking to sleep much later than that. I wake up with so much energy right now... i had the entire house cleaned and swept ( thanks to Katie, she helped me this morning) so by 8 am the house was done, i was showered, my lunch packed, and i even made chili turkey burgers. I ate my strawberries and cream of wheat..... came to work, and really just now i am feeling an afternoon slump it is almost 5 pm, I don't think i even have 1/2 of my calories.

Campus is empty as most students are away for a LONG weekend, classes resume tomorrow. today's picture is the walkway in front of the Nursing office. The trees are in full bloom.
I wish i could explain my mood today, my thoughts are deep and reflecting, I am not sad at all, but not bubbily happy either....... A lot is going on with two of my brothers. and it looks like Johnny will be hanging at my house while he figures the path he is going to take. I am fine with it, John is easy to live with. My friend from out East is so miserable, and has been for a long time. The sooner people realize that they cannot control other peoples happiness, the sooner they will find their own. I learned this lesson the hard way. I find that I will be disappointed EVERY time i rely on someone to "make " me happy. In my own experience, the only way I found peace in life, was taking the path leading directly to Jesus Christ. I know that one of My foster son's Psychologist asked me to possibly talk to a group of couples that have such ugly divorces, and He asked me how I/We came (Albert and I ) to the ~ideal~ situation that we as a divorced couple continued to raise children so beautifully together. And I can truly only sum it up in one word. JESUS!! there is no other way, at least not for me. I am not a religious person, gee i don't even go to Church on a regular basis, don't read my Bible nearly enough, I am not Ultra conservative either via my husbands opinion, I am not "Liberal" either per my sister in laws perspective. All i Know is that I am ME, and I love God with all of my heart, and couldn't imagine a life without the Knowledge that He is real, I couldn't imagine not having a personal relationship with His Son. Because of this relationship, and this relationship only....... i wake up, and smell the fresh spring air, I am amazed morning after morning at the beautiful sunrise. I love this World, and I love this life........ Gas prices go up to 4 and 5 dollars a gallon, you can't take the joy from my heart. World go ahead and let Obama, Clinton, bash each other, so what if McCain isn't the greatest option.... i refuse to let you take my joy away. People are hurting and crying and lost, addicted to Crack, and Alcohol, 3rd graders are plotting to Kill, Schools are a dangerous place to be now.Not nearly enough parents for the foster children and orphans. And just look at the faces you see in the store, on the street, at work, the sadness that permeates through their eyes, exposing their battered souls. I pray for this world of ours all the time, and I must remember all I can do is pray, And rely on the Armor of Jesus to protect the Joy in my heart! And i must remember that God too sees and he knows and he feels........and He is In Control


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Very nice view. You take good pictures.