Monday, April 28, 2008

Shhhh.......... Trainer in the House

I am trying to be really quiet right now. My brother Johnny who is the personal trainer/ nutritionist is prob going to stay with me for a few months. He is going to look at going some where else, maybe Baltimore area or Chicago area....... He is not sure, Nothing is tying him down here, and trainers in these areas make great money. He is so burnt out. working too many 80 hour weeks, working 7 days a week. Just being here for the weekend, and really thinking and doing some soul searching has helped him tremendously.

now i am being really quiet right now because, He has a new work out for me........and he said as soon as I get up, that we are going to do it...... So maybe if i am really quiet, he won't know that I am awake :0) , Hey, you got to do, what you gotta do! He is going to pull out the elliptical to our game room, instead of leaving in stored in a back room... I told him, oh i don't like using an indoor machine, I'll just go outside and walk. He told me tough..... esp with my knee right now, i NEED to use the indoor machine to loosen up before i do my training.... you know, he never listens to me ;0). I think i am going to put some Blues or Jazz on right now, and put the house in order.
I rejoice that Nathan had a good day, and i am praying that he has many many more good day's, and the bad days become farther and fewer in between.

~~~~~ 20 MINUTES OF ......... WOW~~~~~

okay, So Johnny hears me upstairs, He has been up since 5:30am, He comes up and says that he moved the Elliptical out into the family/game room. and he said lets go....... So i do 2 minutes on the elliptical, then directly into standing push ups... and directly into bend over rows with 15 pound weights ,directly into 4 more exercises with the 7lb weights....... back onto the elliptical trainer for 2 minutes and repeat..... I was pouring the sweat, and my muscles had an incredible burn, and i only worked 20 minutes from start to finish.... i can feel every muscle i used. so i am "almost " ready to say that John knows what he is talking about. Just the way you stand to do these exercises, uses your core muscle group, the standing push ups work the larger muscles and then he put me right into the other exercises using the smaller muscles..... He originally was going to have me go through this 3 times, but He said He has to watch every Client and read how their body is reacting, because there is a fine line between working the muscle to the ultimate burn/ and pushing them to severe fatigue, and causing injury. Oh my now i feel like my muscles are weak, not sore, just so weak !!!


Chris said...

If you're trying to be quiet, why would you put blues or jazz on? Just asking.

Sandi said...

i figured if he'd hear that, that he wouldn't hear me up and moving around :0)

Chris said...

But who would have put the music on????

Kellie said...

A nice relaxing soak in a bath tub will help all that ails you. Oh and a glass of wine or a visit with your friend "Goldie" or "Margie" that always worksn for me.

Have a great week! Keep up the good work GF!

Love ya

Patti's Parlor said...

Chris, maybe the music was Kosher

Kim said...