Monday, April 21, 2008


you are probably wondering why i used that word for my title....... and guess what? I have NO clue, i just like that word :~) Maybe my next set of dogs will be given the names Saloma and Toggle.

I am feeling so good right now, Maybe i don't have asthma, I just got back from my campus walk and the trees are budding so much and things are turning green right before my very eyes. for the past couple of years i'd be wheezing at this time. I just seem to be breathing deeper and better than i have in years. i took this photo on Campus over looking the river, i have a feeling by Friday it will look different.....i'll snap it again and see how much it changes in a couple of days.
I have a busy week, tomorrow i babysit, run to the doctors, and return to Kiski to work as a nurse. I think that I have Wednesday off....... Nope, just checked. I don't have a day off until Friday, gee this working world.
Christina really sounds pretty yucky right now... she is trying to see if her body will fight it before she starts taking medication for it. I told her today that even knowing what I know now, I would have still taken the same path, even the stomach duodenal ulcer, and all that discomfort... the "over use" of Antibiotics seemed to finally kill whatever was in my throat, and now my tummy isn't causing me any trouble, and if I haven't mentioned it yet....... I am feeling great.
I am not sure if it is going to rain or shine here, it keeps changing on me, two minutes ago it was so dark I had to put the office lights on, now the sun is shining as bright as could be.... I guess that is how spring is in Pennsylvania, Rain, Sun , sleet and snow all in one day :)
Talk to you guys later.

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