Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunrise and Frost!

Beautiful Morning, This picture was taken at 6:45am. it is crisp and chilly, and the frost on the ground will not last long. I did not go for any walk yesterday, i repeat, I did not. my rt knee was hurting so bad that I had a tough time walking around making dinner. So i soaked my knee in the whirlpool tub, used my George lotion went to bed early, and rested it. I have been and will be working a lot right now, One of the nurses i work with, her husband had a terrible accident while pruning some trees, he fell at least 20 feet, he is Critical, and they are trying to find out where all the internal bleeding is coming from.... please keep him in your prayers and good thoughts. so i will increase my work load there as all the nurses share in working her scheduled days. I am also finding that i am very busy and active with the little boy I babysit for, actually i think that is where i hurt my knee... i was playing "soccer" with him and running all over the yard kicking the ball, i sorta twisted my knee while doing that. i spend the day marching, and walking, and playing, and crawling, and moving and playing, and hopping and playing.... on Monday i watched him all day and by the end i was so sweaty.
This morning I am going to do my workout from Johnny. This is to be my only homework this week to do the exercises he gave me twice before i see him on Sunday. (Wednesday and Friday) Everything else will be an option. next week he will throw in one of the chosen walks for me (he has 3 types that work 3 different ways on my body and metabolism). A couple years ago i used to do 5 mile hikes daily..... i guess that ain't gonna happen. he said it was too hard on my body, and my body gets used to the exercise, and it becomes non challenging, but oh i love my woods.... although now thinking back, hiking every day between 5-7 miles hurt my foot to the point that surgery was needed. A nice hike a few days a week, maybe a long one on the weekend is fine....... just NOT everyday.
well i want to start my eating for the day , and call Christina for my morning Christina fix............
OH i must also let you know, that i truly am feeling good, my stomach seems to be settling down, and no more wheezing or problems with my lungs. Even with all the food that i am eating, i seem to tolerate it pretty well. It feels good to Feel good!!!

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Kellie said...

I am soooooo glad you are feeling better. It is beautiful here in Ohio this morning as well. I am hoping to be able to spend some time outside today. The flowers are peeking through the ground and I can't wait till they are all up. Take care and talk to you soon.