Thursday, April 03, 2008

yet, yet, yet

Yes i am home and there is no place like home :~). And i am pleased to say that i still have "yets"!
Let me begin, on Monday i felt there was a 10% chance that after my scheduled appointment at the doctors, i could be admitted. So i used the old fashioned philosophy, i figured that if i took the time and prepared for this, pack my bag to stay, then like it usually happens with me, i would NOT need it. Wrong. I was pretty miserable on Monday, and my belly was as big as you saw in the picture. My Doctor said he had to make sure that very serious stuff, such as intestinal blockage or stomach strangulation wasn't happening. At the hospital it was realized that there wasn't much movement happening in my digestive tract. I was put on IV medication that would get things moving along faster. I had an entire abdominal/pelvic cat scan. i had IV contrast as well as oral contrast that I had to drink (yuck) the next morning. The good news, .. my cat scan showed no real problems.. no tumors, growths, lesions, polyps. actually the only thing a little off was i have a liver that is mildly "fatty". He said I could go home, He wanted to do the Upper GI as an out patient. that was at 2pm....... i was so excited, I hadn't eaten in almost a day and 1/2, and i could hear a little more gurgling in my stomach (which is a really good thing) so i was feeling better, So waiting for my primary doctor to come and release me, they fed me some Rice and chicken, about 1 cup worth...... i did bloat mildly, but it seemed to return to normal after a few hours. Long story that is too long , Primary Doctor came in, and said.. obviously it is NOT normal to bloat and get pain when you eat small amounts of food... i want to do more testing, and I WANT you to have the upper GI before you leave. We talked in detail that night.... and he decided we need to really check my thyroid, and my metabolism, and check for certain allergies, clean slate so to say. Surprising, with my weight and family history........ I do not have diabetes YET!, I do not have heart disease YET, I do not have problems with my reproductive system YET, ( also was scanned) No problems with Liver Gall Bladder or Kidneys YET. I do not have problems with Mobility YET. NO problems with Cholesterol YET. and maybe i don't have Asthma like originally thought, as they are thinking i may have had a Chronic Trachea infection for the past 3 years. as i have not had ANY problems with even mild wheezing since this was taken care of. But lets be honest....... I am 40, and am blessed to be 100 lbs over weight and this Healthy, even for as sick as I've been...... does that make any sense???? and time and youth is no longer in my favor. 3 of my brothers are diabetic, 4 of my brothers wear those bipap machines to force air in their lungs at night *there are 7 siblings in my family.
Next morning had the gallbladder scan...... DR. B didn't want to do the upper g.i. yet.... ( i feel he was either too busy, or took a look at my size and figured that was the problem) he wants to do it, but he wants me to schedule it as an out patient for the next couple of weeks. My Primary doctor will not be happy, but i am not going to get in between a physician's war, (my primary doc. was off yesterday, so his associate and I agreed at this point i could just go home and schedule the upper g.i. So Patti, your second Idea might still very well be the problem. no way of really telling until i have the upper GI done. my hiatal hernia may have increased in size with the past 2 months of coughing. and my stomach may be pushing up through the cavity, but it must return to its place (cat scan ). Also yesterday the damn broke so to speak and I had explosive yucky diarrhea all day. and without being too graphic, it looked like (needed stool samples) something was being cleaned out (i.e yeast). After 3 IV doses of difluican to kill yeast (usually 1 IV dose does it) surely i am almost yeast free :~).

So i must admit, after eating 3 small low carb, low fat, meals at the hospital i did get stomach pain and bloating ..... for about 1 hour, and then things began to move again. i feel okay right now.... and soon as i walked in the house last night at 9pm... Katie said, wow mom, you have been loosing weight..... well yeah, haven't been eating much in a month. and the bloat is almost gone!!!

Wow this is hard to put 4 days of blogging on one day of blog!!! guess what both my doctors and the hospital nutritionist agree together that a calorie is NOT just a calorie. and i need to follow a low carb, low fat diet. and that i metabolize 100 calories of Turkey breast, differently than i metabolize 100 calories worth of Oreo's. So if i eat 2000 calories of lean proteins and veggies, and low glycemic fruits, and complex carbs. it is better than eating 1000 calories of "anything"... The Nutritionist loves the "Curves" plan and says she uses that herself.... So that is what i am going to do.

Well i am going to get going ........ Kim, you looked like you lost way more than a pound...... and you are working so hard....... did they use a different scale??? it sucks though doesn't it? my body seems to fight me too..... :(

Nathan sounds like he is doing well........ can't wait to meet you young man.... we the golden girls would like to come and kidnap your mom one of these days....... would that be okay ????


hospital just called, and Dr. Klain ordered test to be done like tomorrow as an out patient...... so he isn't going to have me wait, even though I am home. I go tomorrow at noon..


Patti's Parlor said...

Oh goodness. What an ordeal.

Kim said...

I'm glad you're home and I am extremely glad that the doctor ordered more tests. I want you to feel good again! For your sake, of course, ut selfishly for my sake, too. We have hiking to do this summer!

As for me, if it's a pound, it's a pound. I feel better and I am on a good path here.

Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

My prayers continue for you and your family during your illness. I have Faith that everything is going to be alright. Keep praying my dear friend....keep praying.