Friday, April 11, 2008


i would like to begin with a disclaimer that any thing i do or say can NOT be used in the court of Law, while i am still under the influence of anaesthesia. I am not sure what Christina is talking about, me saying that Kim has to put her grapes in the machine....... that silly girl. I must admit that i am very tired and groggy, usually i come out of anaesthesia wide awake and alert.... today i just seem to be getting bits and pieces, like i am watching my life on a TV with a bad connection.
I will call the doctors office, because i am remembering words like, Inflammation, Duodenal, Ulcer, Protonix, Bland, low fat, .........
It seems like the last tests have confirmed my problem, and it all makes sense now, the bloating and pain, unable to eat much at one time, The radioactive egg test not digesting quickly enough...... And the causes of this could be a nasty bacteria in my stomach *they took biopsies for that., it could come from too much alcohol, well that is obviously not the case, over doing caffeine, 1 cup of coffee a day, chronic stress, which is prob not me either, I think i deal with stress in a very healthy manner, Or again back to my Doctors original idea, too many steroids can cause irritation in the stomach lining, and too many antibiotics can change the Normal Flora in my digestive system, over growing yeast, and killing good bacteria. either way it is fixable and treatable, Thank you God for that.

I must admit i am having a lot of pain, actually i am not comfortable at all....and think i am going to go back to bed and watch some TV, the last time i had this 3 years ago, it didn't feel this way......... wonder what is different this time, maybe the biopsies? he said it looked really inflamed, oh what the heck......

Hopefully I'll see Kim tomorrow, if she isn't up to it, that's okay too. and hopefully i will remember that i spoke to her and Christina today.... hopefully!!!!

OH Cliff, the books should be there any day........ please Keep them, write in them , do what you want..... i think you being a brain head will actually be interested in them.

Blessings to all my friends and Gldn Girls

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