Friday, April 18, 2008

Kiski School

So, yesterday was a crazy day. I worked at Kiski early in the morning, took Andrew to another appointment ,and went right back to Kiski to work for the afternoon. I've been walking on campus a lot lately because it is better for me than sitting behind the desk. I leave a note telling students that i am walking "kiski campus" and give them my cell phone number to get in touch with me, Last night i took a couple pictures of campus, one is the old bell , and the other is one of the "lookouts" that show the little historic town of Saltsburg. I do notice I have so so so much energy right now. Good thing because the next few days it is non-stop!
Andrew will be having Nasal surgery on May 21st. his nasal passageway is almost non existent. We put his sinuses on hold since the head trauma, and now it is time we get him all fixed up. they say he has severe allergies, so he has blood test to check some 45 allergens, his septum is deviated 100% to the left, and there is so much swelling and mucus in the right that he is literally breathing from the mouth.
By the end of the day my Knee about kills me... I am careful with it, but i know that if I lose the weight, it will help take away the extra stress on my knee, there for I need to move.......... moving as much as i am doing right now causes more pain...... yoi, the Catch 22 situation. can't win huh"
Well i gotta get the butt moving....... babysitting early this morning, home to do one load of Laundry and working at Kiski this afternoon..... home again for bed and then back to Kiski in the morning.... I sure miss my Christina, but we are both so busy.......she is so busy I am afraid that Duodenal Ulcer will be her title on her blog until the snow flies..... I am just saying. and Kimmie have a safe trip, give mama, papa and Ronnie a hug from me. oh Kellie I hate missing your call....... after work last night i went grocery shopping didn't get home until 10 so i was gone from 7am until 10pm... long long long day
Have a great weekend

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