Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movement ~ One Week~ Which is it

well i couldn't figure out a title, so i used 3 :~) Well I have been on the Johnny L.E.A.N program for ONE WEEK. He didn't want too many sudden changes, so i fit in the 3 exercises he taught me doing the sets, and I only had to do it twice this week (Weds. and Fri.) He is going to give me a (type of walk) to accomplish prob this week ( if you remember he has 3 types for me to do). So this week i put on my Pedometer, and just trying to move more, whether it is taking a dog for a walk, or cleaning my house. I played with the baby (i babysit for) instead of watched. I got up and got my own drink instead of asking someone to get it for me. I listened to high tempo music while i folded laundry, and danced..... it is all about MOVEMENT for me this week.

So again i must comment on How well I am feeling, I feel so good, I am breathing better, sleeping better, my stomach is causing me no pain or discomfort at this time. (Only my rt knee is giving me some hassle) SO WHICH IS IT? Is it all the food I am eating? (healthy of course), is it the exercise, fresh air and movement I am doing? Is it the great sleep I am getting at night? Or, is it that the medications my doctor has me on are finally really starting to work, the Clairitin at Night for my "allergies", or is it the Protonix and Reglan i am on for my stomach? or hey maybe it is because i am taking my blood pressure medication regularly. Oh well, I will not question, and today I feel great.......and for this moment I will rejoice.

I am working today, and Bill and Juneau came this morning to go on a really nice 45 minute "walk" with me, i went to see the camp with the cabins on campus (wow say that 3 times fast). I didn't know that it would be All up hill, I'd send Bill ahead to the next Curve, and he'd say..... "it's still going up", and I'd think well i will just go that far, and we did this 4 or 5 times. until i was on top of the hill!!! believe it or not , because of my knee, coming down was way more difficult.. i had to take my time and concentrate on my knee movement. I never realized how beautiful this Campus is... Kim and Patti I really hope i can show you in June,.... it's just beautiful!!! it is nice not sitting behind this nurse's desk all day.

Well Doug and Donna are coming over for dinner, i am making Manicotti, big Salad and Garlic bread..... I will have frsh fruit for dessert. its a plan. Bill said all the kids have been cleaning all morning and the house looks great.... whatever it will be, i will be happy. right now while i am working so much, I've decided to not sweat the small stuff, so what if my dinner plates are put away with my pots and pans ( not joking there) So what if when Sammy swept the living room floor he left 1/2 of the mess there. So what if the shrubs outside are not trimmed neatly..... what does it really matter??? hey that's a song from the Three Dog Nights.

talk to you later. Gee Chris, haven't even been down there to see you. one more month of work here for me.

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