Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not so wonderful now

yeah...... yesterday i was so gungho, got back from a great 3 mile hike...... yada yada yada...... And then by yesterday evening, as long as i was still, I was fine, but even attempt to make my muscles move......well that was another story. let's just say i knew every little muscle by name.

John speaks in blue, I speak in orange
Yesterday afternoon this man that looked like my brother stopped in, carrying a briefcase, and books. He sounded like my brother, My kids called him Uncle......... I don't know though, this was a man on a mission, all business, He was here to give me part 1 of a three part evaluation for his LEAN (learn, exercise, accountability,nutrition) program that he started almost a year ago. It was like no other evaluation i ever had, including Curves, Weight Watchers, Personal Dietitian. I mean my Doctor has to be a part of this too. He wanted info on every medication i am on, every health problem i have, he wants copies of my blood work (mainly my cholesterol, triglycerides etc.) He took my weight and height. and this and that... put it all in his computer..... he will measure me today when i go up for part 2 of the evaluation, as well as give me my first personal training session..... he doesn't want me using machines, it will be stability ball, weight bench and free weights, he said machines are okay, but they don't make you use all available muscles. your Core muscles and such... so, i start to rave over Curves machines......... John says "Sandi, 8 weeks........ give me 8 weeks. So he checks out the food in my house. over all he is pleased, a lot of calorie dense foods, high fiber, low fat....... At first he is putting me on higher calories....... because of my elevated ummm weight.... it requires my body to use more energy just to keep the normal functions going.......... so that is like 2000 calories a day to just live... so i say, yeah that sounds right , on Curves i avg. about 1600 to 18oo calories. So i assume that is what i am going to be on with you? (i even give him a sweet smile, because i think i got it right) Wrong.... he let me know that obviously my metabolism is not functioning as it should, he did contribute a good part of this to hereditary. but just because i am hereditary predisposed to this, does not mean I can not work to improve my metabolic make up. (You know he might have something here, the only time i easily lost weight was when i was pregnant....... all pregnancies at the birth of my children i was 20 to 65 lbs less than when i started. because being pregnant actually increased my metabolism.. weird huh) So he says, i want you to fall in the 2200 to 2400 calorie intake range at first........ of course i say, No way, and he says "Sandi give me 8 weeks" you're not eating enough right now to even keep your body functioning properly, so your metabolism has shut itself off even more. which is causing a vicious circle. I have truly been keeping track of what i eat, and for the past month or so, i prob avg. 1000 to 1100 calories a day... (because of illness) He says a lot of women say "it's my metabolism" but I really thinks that this IS the case with you, he is going to have my doctor order a few more blood test to help diagnosis this. Oh yeah i have this journal i have to keep, it has exercise on one side and nutrition on the other, gee it even asks how i feel when i wake up in the morning . pain, sad, tired, happy..etc! it also asks me to keep track of my mood when i eat.......gee!!! and i can't forget the dang "work book..... i have to read and do a test every week........ i have to learn the general physiology of the muscle/skeletal system and how they work. there is a chapter on how certain foods digest in the body. ( by the way a calorie is NOT a calorie ) I'll learn how minerals and vitamins are utilized.... this isn't a doctors manual, it is written in laymen terms. So Patti, this is it in a nut shell, i figure that it won't make me any worse 8 weeks from now... and let me tell you it is really hard for me to keep my mouth shut.... So here it goes...........


Chris said...

Okay Sandi, I'm rooting for you! Now don't forget that John is making a committment to you and you have to make one back to him. Whenever he tells you something, remember that he is the professional! ;~)

Kellie said...

Hey Lady, This sounds like a great program. Mark your calendar for 8 weeks from now to go shopping for some new duds. I know you can do this! You are a strong fighter. Just don't fight John. LOL
Love ya

Patti's Parlor said...

I'm excited about that John guy who looks like your brother. The countdown begins. It's 8 weeks ya know.
And how come when I say "a calorie is NOT a calorie" nobody listens to meeeeeeeeeeeeee?????

Chris said...

Join the club Patti. I could say that the earth is round. And Sandi will say....yeah, yeah. But if she hears that Christopher Columbus said that the earth is round she's like.....Hey, did you know the earth is round????? LOL!!

Kim said...

A calorie is not a calorie???

What next? Diet soda isn't water???

I kill me some days.