Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Morning spot!!!

It is a little chilly this morning, around 50 degrees right now. and it is a slow steady rain (can't tell that in the picture) But this is where i go. My truly favorite part of my home. I sit at this table, drink my morning coffee (that Bill usually brings me in bed) and this morning I am working on the "homework" I need to have done before i go to my personal training session this morning. yeah just like when i was in school, I wait until the last minute. Today my lesson was all about digestion and how it is done. what is the first element to (carb, protein, fat) leave the stomach in the process of digestion ? what is the last to leave the stomach?

My *free* meal for the week was last night at dinner time, i still don't think i hit my calories., I ate perfect all day, just at dinner time I had Manicotti, Salad, 1/2 piece of sweet Italian sausage, 1 piece of cake and coffee. that is it. and I didn't eat anything after dinner. I just wasn't hungry, and actually i am still NOT hungry although i know i need to eat something before i head up to my appointment at 10 this morning

Week One was truly Not that bad. Christina it looks like today may Not be that bad for seems as if it is going to rain most of the day. and well that is what the local meteorologist said too. but then again what do they know? Kim have a safe trip home, Patti, Romeo oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo ??? and Our Kellie, hang tough girl and keep that "Sophia" sense of humor .... it is bound to keep you sane..... well at least more sane then Us other Golden Girls.


Notebooks said...
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Kellie said...

If I had a morning spot like that it would be morning 24x7!
Are ya still sitting there?