Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunset amoung the clouds last night

One of my favorite things to do ever since I was a child was to look up in the sky. I love
Clear skies, and Winter skies and
Stormy skies, I love sunset skies, and sunrise skies. I remember looking at the billowy white clouds, finding shapes of objects and animals. Well last night these pictures were taken using my husbands camera phone, i framed the one picture using black. thinking about it, the sky is Never the same twice... not even the same 2 seconds later!!!!

I wore my pedometer yesterday, and i got over 6000 steps. pretty good for not doing much lately. When i used to hike I'd easily get 15000 steps. so I've got a long way to go. But I am not looking behind me ,or a head of for yesterday it is 6000 steps...... yeah for me.

I babysit again today for a couple of hours, it is supposed to rain, rain is okay with me. Michael and Megan are supposed to come up for dinner, I am making my Pork Roast and Kielbasa, slow cooked all day in Sauerkraut, Onion, Garlic and Beer.... i promise that it will be yummy!! Oh wait, Chris, Can I borrow a beer? don't have any here right now.

Tomorrow is my stomach scope test. I will request a thyroid scan when i see the doctor next Tuesday. .. for all these years I had forgotten that my grandmother, her two sisters and my mother had their thyroids removed at an early age, that is all the females in the 2 generations before me. ummm, maybe it is time for me to get checked too. Oh and would you guys like to know a "stupid" thing that Rose a.k.a Sandi did??? yeah i thought you would. as I've been telling you how cool it was to not have all that post nasal drip, and i raved about how that little itty bitty pill Claritin that i take at night has worked wonders........ so to myself i say, surely a pill isn't what is helping....... i really don't like to take pills, so I'll quit it for a few days and see what happens. Day 3, and my nose is stuffy, and throat is sore from the post nasal drip, and i mean a lot of it........ yoi, some people never learn. so tonight the little white pill I'll take.

Have a good day today

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