Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brother Johnny....... wow 2 post in one day

Just got done with talking to My brother. I gave him an update on what My Doctor said ( see previous posting ). He wanted me to come up to the gym this week.... but sadly i work from morning until night all week. So i have to go up on Saturday at 12:30 pm. I am not to walk or do anything major other than my leisurely walks on campus, and no further than a mile or a mile and a half. He makes sense, and i can't believe I haven't figured this out before. I have a very strong core muscle mass...... and i have the strength to do the "big" hikes. HOWEVER....... my joints and tendons and ligaments are NOT as strong. and that is why they seem to collapse

So he tells me he has 6 more exercises to add to my routine....... he said a body quickly adapts to the routine of exercise... i tell him, " no mine isn't adapting at all" , he says "yes it is" I of course deny this........ he of course doesn't care that i deny this, he is going to set me up next week to do 3 types of work outs, out of the 9 exercises he is going to show me (3 from last week + 6 new ones on Sat). One will be a strengthening routine, one will be a cardio routine, and one will be an interval routine. with just 9 exercises.... i will change up the sets, reps, weight, times.........., i guess to confuse the Hell out of my body. AGAIN he stressed that this isn't about weight loss, this is about healing my metabolism, getting my body to be a better fat burning furnace, about having more energy...... and just by doing this, secondary......... the weight will come off :~).

Well i think that's all for now......... love to my Golden Girls, oh I should say Love to my kids first. you know how my daughter can be.........that princess girl :^)


kf said...

excuse me..you wrote g"OLD"en girls first, then kids... then me?
that is not good enough for a princess.

Kellie said...

(((((Sandi))))) I am so glad you are feeling better and things are looking up for you. You can do this! You are the Queen right. You have to be cuz you are the mother of a Princess. BTW one that we all love. (((((Katie))))) Hugs for you too! :)
Kellie aka Sophia Patrilo