Saturday, April 26, 2008

Before the Storm

So i am sitting on my porch, and it is absolutely beautiful outside, warm but not humid, i notice how quiet it is though, so i actually concentrate on listening....... any the bird were so silent. hmmmm , not a cloud in the sky! 10 minutes later and this is what the sky looked like, the dark clouds began to move across the blue sky, and then the thunder and lightning began. Oh how i love storms, always have, and I love the wind, okay maybe i am just a little crazy.... this world is so beautiful and i am so blessed that i can see it! you know there are many people out there that can't see the beauty in anything, How sad. :~(
Well it is a long story, and not my place to really talk about it here, but my brother Johnny is um, having problems with his fiancee. and I got the call last night at about 9:15 pm, ( you know what time that was Mrs. Kim's mom, that was right when the hockey game score was 4 to 4 with 7 minutes to go, I am just saying! ) He needed to come here to get away from any potential "anger" and destruction! knowing that no matter who or what happens, he'd be the one to get in trouble, So i went and picked him up, He is down in our game room for a few days if not longer depending about what the girl is going to do. you know it just reminds me more and more that to my brothers, i have taken the position of our wonderful mother, and what an honor that is for me. and I know that mama is in Heaven looking down, and so proud of me for stepping in her place, and i must say quite well. This morning Johnny said, " you know sis, there is something peaceful in this home, something calming, I can't explain it " I smiled and thought, be here in 3 weeks when i am at the Peak PMS mode, and you'll see peace and calm fly right out the window, along with all Sam's junk i find in the living room, :0)
I am going to work in a few hours and will stay until 11pm, and then I will be on call until 9am tomorrow morning. it is a long weekend so most of the students are gone, so unless some of the International children get into something they shouldn't, it SHOULD be a quiet evening!! we will see. Well i am going to get in the bath in between storms, I'll make it fast

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Kim said...

LOL....PMS and 'Roid Rage.........