Thursday, April 24, 2008

Long days.............

I've been wanting this Lunch box thingy from Curves, So Christina went and picked it up for me today, Thanks Chris :^) As a rule, I pack a lunch 3-4 days a week. and lately now that i am working so much, and have to make sure that I am eating every couple hours. this will come in handy. I tried it today at work. it comes with 3 pre measured containers, 1 1/2 cup, 1cup, and 3/4 cup. these containers fit into this stainless steel cooler, it even has regular size stainless steel utensils too. it also comes with an insulated bag, to carry the cylinder. Lets just say i packed my lunch at 11:30 am, and at 4:30 i ate my berries and yogurt. and it was as cold as when i pulled it out of the refrigerator....... it real takes so little in life to make me happy :0).

I have only been doing Johns plan for 11 days and I've already had 6 people ask me if I am losing the weight. Funny i am not even focusing on that part,..... i am just trying to eat as much as John says. and i am just moving more. I sure have more energy though..... I could have slept in today but NO i wake up at 6:15a wide awake (kids had 2 hour school delay) i get up, and start cleaning. I put on Classical Music and just "flutter" through the house work. I left to babysit Lucas for a few hours, and then came to the Nursing office. Wow surely this Isn't Johns plan. but maybe it is just me feeling better. or what the heck maybe it is a combination of both. I just don't want to admit that my brother could possibly, maybe, sorta, know more than me :0) Now understand, at the end of my day..... I am tired..... and I am sleeping so well, i am usually sleeping before 10, 10:30 pm, it used to be midnight or later.
NO denying it, my days are long. and a pattern of this is going to get me in trouble, and my body is going to resist sooner or later. So it looks like I have to say No sometimes!!! I just keep thinking, one more month, just one more month of doing two jobs,
Well I should get going here soon, lots to do. I may go spend the day tomorrow with My In Laws, ( actually my x husbands parents) while they go wait for Aunt Jen to have surgery. Christina will be going too.

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