Friday, April 04, 2008


okay sorry Christina, but i have to tell the story....... you know how "sisters" pick on each other :~}.
Yesterday Christina and her daughter in law Megan picked me up to take me to my kids track meet, so as i am walking out to the car they are laughing at me....... because i am carrying blankets and coats, and a Thermos of hot chocolate for Katie.

Christina: Ha ha ha, what are you doing? it is 55 degree's

ME: well yeah but track meets get so cold, i brought a blanket for Us to sit on, and one to cover with. here is an extra Hoodie for Katie and some hot chocolate

Christina: I used to go to track meets, it isn't that bad

So as we drive to the Derry for this meet I am explaining that esp with the wind chill, track meets can indeed be very cold. And of course Christina again she has been to track meets. Okay...... so thinking that maybe I am crazy, but i could swear for the last 4 years since I've been going to track meets, the majority are very cold and sometimes rainy...... so thinking that in the past Chris has been to watch her brother coach.. .(he coaches at Derry) p.s. Chris' parents must of done something right, because her two brothers are equally as sweet as she is.... or as she can be!!! . or maybe she stopped to check out a Saltsburg track meet in the past.... so I say Chris........when was the last time you went to a track meet?

and she says............1979 , ii guess that the story in and of its self isn't that funny..... you had to be there, but what Christina remembers, is her as a young girl as a track statistician, walking on the track field, ummm obviously keeping warm. Needless to say......... it was absolutely cold and windy there, and just a little over an hour later, we were all shivering even with the blankets........ we left early........

Well not eating or drinking until after my test today which is scheduled for 12:30, don't care about that, still not really hungry, and although i must admit to feeling okay...... my stomach just isn't right......... can't put my finger on it. I still bloat after eating, but now when i bloat, i will not eat until the bloat goes down even if it is 8 hours later.. don't want to get things stopping again....

Kimmie, hope you are feeling better soon, i know a lot of people getting a secondary cold.....but it seems to be more mild than what was going on a couple months ago.

Have a great it is Friday, where did the week go???


Chris said...

So are you saying that back in 1979I was a young girl with better blood flow, and now I'm an old Grammy lady who can't stay out in cold weather???.......Just asking. ;~}

Kim, Patti, etc., notice how she was explaining to us about the weather at track meets.....LOL....gotta love our Sandi!!!!xoxoxoxo

Sandi said...

well Christina my dear, i had to try and justify why i came so umm should i say prepared for cold weather, EVEN THOUGH it was 55 degrees ....but surely i wasn't sure you heard with all the laughing and making fun of me that you were doing ;~P, but then again i didn't have "crow" for dinner either.

love ya like my lungage!!!

Chris said...

Crow is tasty.......or do you prefer eggs? (sorry couldn't resist)

Luv ya too!!!

Kim said...

1979. LOL. Maybe she was taking global warming into account and expected it to be warmer now, 29 years later!!