Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Plugging away.....

Yup, going to work, coming home, making supper, doing laundry, going to bed, ......and waking up and starting again. it seems at least this week I am not working both jobs on the same day, so Normal hours instead of 12-16 hour days!
I was able to see Christina for 1 minute and 10 seconds yesterday, I walked into her house, we spoke, and she walked out :0)! Good thing I am secure in our friendship. But i did get to enjoy Megan's company for a while, what a sweetie, and she is really really looking radiantly pregnant right now.... Gosh i think i love Chris' kids almost as much as my own. Speaking of My own. Katie stopped down at the golf course for a moment.......and stayed all evening. Chris' Mother in law took her out golfing for the first time, and from what I hear.......Katie did really really well... she goes back for a lesson with Maryann on Thursday....... World look out, well at least the golfers on the same course as Katie Look out........ it scares me just thinking about it :0). Katie graduates from high school in a few weeks, where did the time go? I mean I think i just brought her home from the hospital...... I've sure enjoyed the journey though, and look forward to the next phase with an adult daughter......I guess really it isn't that sad, it is a part of life....... and i have been blessed.

Oh Patti comes in a few weeks, looking forward to that, as well as Kimmie hanging here too. we gotta check out Amish country again...... and surely we can manage a walk at one of the beautiful trails........ I know Kellie's life is up in the air, and nothing can be planned in advance........ but oh how nice it would be if she could sneak away for a day or two ....... wishful thinking......... gee it is even wishful thinking that Christina can hang with us at some point..... ;^p

I am really busy at work right now, and it is taking me hours to write this short blog. so i think I'll just "hang up" right now and maybe talk to you later :0)

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