Thursday, May 08, 2008

absolutely almost Crazy

Look at my kids when they were babies, how time flies, i think Sam was 1 1/2, Andrew was 4 and Katie was 6

I have been so busy, i am almost going crazy, it seems like I am always working and then running errands or going grocery shopping, or taking a kid here or there... today I babysat until almost 1pm, and Katie decided to take me out to lunch just me and her, for my birthday combination mothers day......... we went to Olive Garden, and then did a little shopping. She is so sweet and you know what, doing that was worth a million trillion dollars...... because how can you put an amount on time spent with your first born and only daughter? She made me get my favorite thing, and told me not to worry about how expensive it was, i did have the stuffed pasta with shrimp, it was sooooo go and then we met Bill and went grocery shopping....... yoi, i am getting to hate the grocery shopping thing...... but these boys just eat so much......... and they are so active, well most of them, and going through growth spurts, they need all the food they can get :0)!!

Gee I've got to talk to Christina on and off the past day for a minute or two, but No Kimmie, and I think i am going through a talk to Kimmie withdrawal.. and today is Thursday...... gee!!!! she is at school, so no Kimmie today either. I just have to remember that it is just a few weeks before May will be over.... so until then I will work and not complain and just keep on keeping on. My knee seems to be doing much better, so hopefully soon i will be able to walk out doors, i can only handle using the hamster wheel for so long........
Love to my daughter and sons and husband and the GG's, Nathan how are you doing little man? Patti i just love your Special Olympic Pictures, you truly are an angel on Earth, Kellie how ya hanging? and Chris, get well soon :0)


kf said...

it was sooooooooooooooo go. (:
that's good to know.

Chris said...

I didn't even notice the soooooo go until your comment Katie. Too funny!!

Sandi, looking at that picture brings back so many memories of your kids. Did you happen to notice that both Sam and Katie are holding Barney dolls and their straps are coming off their shoulders? Were they playing caveman?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and Happy Mothers Day. Your Kids are so cute and you're right they do grow up to fast. Hope to meet you all some day. Kim says you're a great family and I believe that. God Bless and hope you've had a great day. Kim's Mom

Kim said...

Update Update Rah Rah Rah!
Update Update Rah Rah Rah!