Tuesday, May 13, 2008

dozing off while on the phone......

Okay, I am assuming that Sammy took this picture,
I was on the phone not even sure who I was talking
to, If it was YOU, i apologize. And the reason I am assuming that Sammy took this, is because of the other stupid pictures before and after this shot. some of his goofy pictures he takes........ But this sums me up over the past weekend, don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful weekend, but I am just so tired. And Monday started with me leaving the house at 7:15am, working all day, going with Katie to an awards banquet and coming home at 9:00 pm, that is almost 14 hours, and I think I have my week scheduled pretty much like that. a couple more weeks of double duty :0)!

I did have a very relaxing weekend though, the kids took me out for breakfast of Saturday, did the majority of the housework, and then my brothers came for steak and veggie kabobs on the grill, we didn't have dessert, my brother who L.O.V.E.S sweets was bummed, he thought that there would be cake, since in was my birthday, but no cake !!! He lived, he is the diabetic, he didn't need it. Bill and the kids got me a beautiful weeping cherry tree. And then Sunday morning I had breakfast in bed, and don't get me wrong, I loved it, Katie and Sammy cooked it for me, they are NOT the cooks in the house, ........ i am just saying!........ okay Katie, i gotta tell them. they, meaning Katie and Sam decided to make me my favorite eggs........ hard boiled, they see me making them on most mornings..... well, Katie used my tea kettle to heat water, put the water in a bowl, and placed the egg in the water...... and then set the timer for 2 minutes. ummmm........... let me say this.............. in the nicest possible way........... there was nothing cooked about this egg, nope, nothing. I boil my eggs on the stove for a good 5 minutes on a rolling boil, i never make them the way her and Sammy did...... but they did make me cream of wheat, almond butter toast and jam....... , banana, and a package of fruit snacks, i am not sure why there was a bright yellow tinting around the edges of my cream of wheat, i did eat it though. the rest of the afternoon was very relaxing, watching old movies and doing Nothing.

Well i gotta get going right now.........Christina if you read this early, give me a call........ Kimmie prob talk to you soon, and Patti you'll be here oh so soon....... :0)


Patti's Parlor said...

23 days, 17 hours, 37 minutes and 5 seconds. Just sayin'.....

Chris said...

I could call you, but how do I know you won't fall asleep on me?
Or did you already????