Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snow

I went to bed last night to green, and woke up to White, and let me tell you, the snow hasn't stopped yet. Bill, Katie and I went for groceries early this morning, and my Jeep did wonderful, and i didn't even need the four wheel drive. .. the wheels have something called positive traction, where the wheels spin according to the surface, i can't explain it, even though there where a few spots where it felt like we slid, the car maneuvers straight as possible, and doesn't " fishtail". Home now and trying to do Boogie Man Bill wings in the rotisserie instead of Bill being out on the grill, i think it might work!
We had a meeting at work yesterday, and the Doctor has great great plans for me, If God agrees with him, then I see a great future as i am going to get trained in being a Health Coach, And i have several patients that are already interested in speak to me..... I Know i will be okay, cause I know God will bless me, as i give this endeavour totally to Him.... I must have Faith, if God takes me to it, He'll see me through it!!!
Well i am going to go get going and do some laundry, and house work, we are invited to a friends for a Christmas gathering and Christmas Caroling....... tomorrow morning I'll go clean my office, and spend the rest of the day chilling, Not sure if we are going to Johnny's or not, and Monday Bill and I should finish up with our shopping......
Have a beautiful and safe weekend...... blessings to you.

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Chris said...

Ask Bill if it hurts when he's on the grill! ;)