Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Before and After


look at this kitchen, after making 9 dozen sugar cookies, and a rotisserie turkey breast with ALL the trimmings, and three kids decorating the sugar cookies, all of this at the same time.... not sure what hit my kitchen.
But no fear, it cleans up easy.


i looked at the kitchen and didn't even get upset, all five of Us pitched in, and then i finished it up in the morning. Yes Bill does dishes, actually with my work schedule he has been doing them quite often. He is a good hubby. This week i work today from 4pm to 8pm and tomorrow 10am to 3 pm, and then i am off for 5 days :0), I do not mind going to work, but i am really looking forward to Christmas this Year. and having 5 days off.
Well I don't want to spend too much time on this computer, I don't get the house to myself too often, so i am going to crank the volume up on my Christmas Music, and clean. so when i come home from work tonight, it will all be done.......

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