Tuesday, December 01, 2009

January 29, 2010

This is the date for my next Lapband adjustment, eight weeks away! And I am totally fine with that. So I call the office yesterday and this is how it went:
ME: Hi, i am calling to see if they are starting to schedule Lapband adjustments yet?
HER: yeah, we have been scheduling them, what is your name?
ME: Sandi.....
HER: well when was your last adjustment?
ME: August
HER: oh, hold please (Silence, not even silly music)
HER AGAIN: Well someone will be calling you to schedule an appointment
ME: Someone told me that first of November, I do not care when the appointment is, schedule me and I will be there. I will arrange my schedule around you.
HER: Okay January 29, 2010, if you don't like that date, bring it up with Marva
ME: no i am okay with it, but why couldn't you have just scheduled me in the first place?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess being so behind, and still doing dozens of surgeries a week, it is very difficult to keep up with demand, many people want the adjustment to deal with holiday eating, And i guess people aren't happy that they can't get in sooner. I don't look at it that way, and i told the receptionist just that. With or without the lapband, i am Ultimately Responsible for my own health and wellness. And i am not going to use the excuse " i need an adjustment" to eat out of control. well as out of control as i could get, the Lapband, although needing adjusted DOES prevent me from eating a lot. Again like i said before a Lapband adjustment "IS NOT A LIFE SAVING PROCEDURE". and i will get one, when i get one.
My weight is at a slow down right now, but not stopped. i lost 3.5 lbs for the month of November. and i KNOW if i'd get back into the daily exercise routine, I could speed that up a little more. ( i am only weighing myself last day of the month, so my next weigh in will be Dec 31) Do you know it has been going on two years now since I started the journey... and i have slowly brought my weight down,... and in the two years......it hasn't gone up. oh i am not talking about the PMS bloat, where it goes up and then back down in a day. but i mean as a rule, my weight has steadily gone down...... I am figuring i have about 70 to 75 more pounds to lose, and i am betting i'll do that in a year or little more......... no hurry, enjoying the journey.
So i take Sam to school this morning, and what happens? i get a flat tire just as i am pulling into the school...., and i am thinking ALL of my men are gone, Bill as work, Albert is hunting, Larry and Mike are hunting (*they are my men too) and I assumed the kids Pap was hunting too. I call Bill, and then i call Katie...... and then i decided, Hey i should just stop being a helpless girl and get out and change that tire...... so i did figure it out..... so picture this i am in my Christmas jammies, and very much bed hair, Katie did get a hold of Pap, and he wasn't hunting, he got there just as i was jacking up the car. He finished the tire for me, the tools he brought with him where much easier to work with. Women....... we all need to know how to do basic things like change a tire, check the oil....... cause you never know when you need to use the skill.
Well I am babysitting for Katie today so i should get myself moving....... i have an hour to get ready....... Have a great day.

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