Thursday, December 03, 2009

LapTop Lunch

This was my lunch today.... baked stuffed tilapia, salad, fresh steamed green beans, and light yogurt..... it was delicious, could only eat half of it. Now instead of working through a "stuck" feeling. i eat super slow, and as soon as i feel pressure i stop. i just decided that i can not assume and expect the lapband to work by itself, and i cannot just wait until my fill/adjustment takes place in two months. I am 100% responsible for my own health and well being. not some piece of plastic wrapped around my stomach LOL......... i do love this lapband, again i shall say it.. this is the best decision I've made, NO REGRETS at all. i've also decided not to fight eating breakfast right now...... it is hard to eat early in the morning. but i also don't want to go without breakfast, so i decided to try "Muscle Milk" a lactose free high protein shake. The numbers are pretty healthy.... low carb at 11 (* less than 10 net carbs) , 22 grams of protein, healthy fats, 240 calories. I had the shake, at 7:30 am went to give N1H1 shots to the high school, went to work and finally at 1 pm i had my laptop lunch, I never felt hunger pains the entire morning, so i am curious to see how this works for me~
I am going to be pretty busy for these next few weeks..... but i will try really hard to maintain a grip on my life, to focus, and be mindful of the moments.
Well Bill and I are heading out the door........ i'll keep you posted on my life's happenings later

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