Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Eight years ago today, Bill and I were married. As no relationship is perfect, it has been a great 8 years. As most of you know, Bill and i did not have a long courtship, actually it was rather short. But i "knew" i was supposed to marry him before i even met him, no really that is true, God wanted me to meet him, and i kept hearing the subtle message in the back of my mind... so to make a very long story short.... Our first date was Sept 17, 2001, He asked me to marry him Nov 1, 2001 and we were married December 8, 2001. As with any marriage, we have our ups and downs, but eight years later, i still get coffee in bed every morning, he still goes grocery shopping with me, and he still puts the kids before all else. i truly think if there was nothing else, i'd love him forever for how he loves my kids. I mean he just didn't get me, he got me and three kids, and lets be honest, an X husband, all in a day..... and i must say he's done it well. I do believe my boys love their step dad more than me sometimes.... or at least that is what they tell me. Bill has made what should have been a difficult life, quite easy. Before we even got married, we had a meeting with Albert, just to let him know, that me getting married changed nothing for Albert, he wanted Albert to know that he was still welcome to come and go as he pleased, walk in the house, hang with his children, spend every Christmas morning with Us, so that my kids would not ever have to worry about who to spend Christmas morning with.... It is a good life!!
So Bill plans on getting off a little early, and we are planning to go out and eat, and do a little Christmas shopping. right now i can eat about, if not a little less than a cup of food at one sitting. not sure what is up with that, i am able to drink fine, i have no problem with my Muscle Milk in the morning, But for instance this is what i had yesterday
- breakfast, muscle milk protein shake
-lunch, went to TGIF's got the Chicken/Cheese dish, grilled chicken, cheese, green peppers, onions, and mashed potato's i ate about 3 oz of the chicken and about 6 bites of the mashed potato's, didn't even eat 1/3 of the meal.
-dinner 2 oz of left over chicken and 2 oz of grilled Cod
-snack 6oz of Greek yogurt with blueberry, and .75 oz lowfat cheese

THAT WAS IT ALL DAY, i don't know what to make of it, i am eating, so i am not blocked, i am drinking, not experiencing in pain or discomfort. and i am not hungry right now. Maybe making a conscious effort to monitor how i am eating, esp after finding out i would not be getting a lapband adjustment for a couple of months, my lapband just doesn't seem to tolerate the carbs as well........i will monitor and keep an eye on my nutritional numbers.....

Today i am sorta being mellow and chilling, doing some stuff around the house, doing a little laundry....... taking it easy,

Make it a great day

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Patti's Parlor said...

Happy Anniversary!
Bill is the best. Gotta love the Boogie Man!