Wednesday, December 09, 2009


This morning I have a meeting at work, not quite sure what it is about, but it has to do with some nutritional counseling, i've known since i started at S'eclairer that someday i would be used in some form of counseling, to help people deal with obesity. I am not sure this is the time, therefore i put it in God's hands, and when IT works out........IT WILL BE THE TIME!!! I think i'd do okay at it, yes i have about 75 lbs more to lose, But yes I've lost way over 75lbs. and i have since learned we are all different, and we need different tools to help direct someone to better health, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,South Beach, Curves, Calorie King, Xenical, Slim Fast, and yes even the Lapband, all can work...... IF you work with it, they all succeed, and they all fail. It has been a long journey but i also realized that as soon as I accepted myself for being Me, obesity and All, and as soon as i realized that there isn't a "time frame" to better health..... the easier it was for me to make small changes. Even with the LapBand, I quickly learned that it will NOT work if you do not work with it, it is nothing more than a tool to help with the weight loss journey. In a way i am sorta glad that I didn't get an "adjustment" before the holidays, i think it was God's way of telling me........ "Sandi girl, get a grip, this is your journey and not the lapband's" i think for a while there, NO, i KNOW that for a while there i was eating over the lapband so to speak, but after i realized i wasn't going to get an adjustment, i knew i better start mindfully listening to my hunger, the lapband, and how i was eating. And i must say right now i am doing dang good. and it seems since i stopped eating or trying to eat the simple carbohydrates, my lapband seemed to kick in. like i said yesterday, i am able to eat less than a cup of food at a meal. and i am eating 4 meals a day....... muscle shake, lunch, supper, Greek yogurt.
Speaking of which, Bill and I went to eat at a Restaurant we never tried Pugleano's, it was the best food i've had anywhere!!!! Bill kept saying so too. We shared a Crab cake, it was all Crab and just a touch of bread crumbs..... and i had a cup of Creamed Crab and Asparagus soup. and my dinner was Jumbo scallops Au gratin ( broiled with olive oil, garlic, bread crumbs and Romano cheese.) and i had a side of garlic mashed potato's I gave Bill half of my scallops and enjoyed the rest, had a few bites of the mashed potato's. i was stuffed. you see, i did not concern myself with a Lowfat/low calorie meal such as grilled chicken salad with light dressing.... eating like that all the time is a precursor to failure. Instead i enjoyed a very small amount of delicious rich creamy foods and left very satisfied. this has been my moto since before i had the lapband.
Well, I am sure lucky to have Christina to talk to sometimes, she's the bestest friend ever :::: ;0)
Thanks for listening to my dilemma,
Have a great day today

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Kellie said...

How did the meeting go? Hope all is well. WTG on the 8 years! You have always amazed me as to how you have handled the step children issue. Many many things I admire about you and your family. Talk to ya soon!
Love ya