Sunday, January 03, 2010


Pretty good start to a new year, a new decade. it has been a nice and relaxing couple of days. I think i mentioned to Christina, i've had too many nice relaxing days, i am beginning to feel lazy. She reminded me to just enjoy it, cause usually i am so busy i don't have time to just chill!!! Spoke with Johnny, he wants me to just do low impact Cardio this week. and start with him on Sunday, Christina was thrilled with this info, as she just isn't ready this weekend for Johnny. So Cardio it will be..... i will do the eliptical today for 15 minutes. my muscles are not as sore today as they have been the past few days. I think johnny thinks i tried to put to much in ~too quickly, trying to make up for lost time. that is why he told me to just do Cardio this week.
I went back on my blogs from a couple years, it was a reminder on how far i have really come. I haven't made the usual "lose weight" new year resolutions for the past couple of years.... didn't need to since i am just living it every day. two new years ago, my nephew Alex had just died that Thanksgiving, and my nephew Michael was at deaths door.. any new years resolution would have just been trivial, Last new year.... i was well on my way getting ready for the Lapband, i was heading to Pittsburgh on an almost weekly basis participating in the intense program preparing for the Lapband surgery. I also looked back in my ancient journal beside my bed, you know the type that uses pen and paper. it was during this time that i found out who my true friends were...... funny the two i thought would cause problems about my decision (hi Christina and Patti) were the ones that became my greatest supports, and they remain such today. The one Friend who i though would support me, smashed me down immediately... i'll never forget the day i told her.... she yelled at me, and i mean yelled at me telling me that i was taking the easy way out, i was no longer the team player.... and i was leaving her behind. .. I was devastated, and although the friendship tried to survive...... the damage was done... and after much discussion with my Wellness Coach/ Phycologist who was assigned to me through the program in Pittsburgh. i came to realize that all friendships aren't meant to last a life time... and some are here for a short season... it does not diminish the value of that friend... and I learned that all friendships are not healthy.......... there is no blame, some personalities just clash. oh i will not lie and say i don't think about this old friend, or that i don't remember the wonderful times we had. But for me, it was just too much work, and the lapband is a big part of who i am right now........and i can't and would not change my decision for having the Lapband surgery. . . . this journey has been so much fun. . . Christina disagrees with me ALOT, but she will always be my friend no questions asked. and i pretty much think even though Patti lives in Arizona and Kellie lives in Ohio.... they'll always be my friends..... i just know this :0)!!! New friends will come, old friends will go...... that is just life.
So the LapBand was a big thing in 2009, and made many changes in my life. The other BIG thing in 2009 was getting a job at S'eclairer. this too is making drastic changes in my life, and i see God using me for wonderful things....... the Wellness Coach, the Nutrametrics Vitamins and Transition weight loss program, the DBT training....... Dr. Chaudhary.... all awesome things in my life.
I am looking forward to 2010, i think i'll lose the last big chunk of my weight.. this spring i plan on getting a Bike........ and Biking to work several days a week....... i'd like to do more hiking... and more outdoor events.......... it's gonna be a good year.


Chris said...

I totally disagree with the statement that "Christina disagrees with me ALOT"!

Sandi said...

lol it took me a minute, but i got it..... it is true.... you are forever disagreeing with me, but i still luv ya like my lungage