Saturday, January 09, 2010

~ my JEEP ~

This is the first JEEP that i have ever owned, and i don't think I'll drive anything else but a Jeep from now on. This little Jeep Compass does beautifully in the snow, sleet, rain, ice...... haven't even had to use 4 wheel drive yet. It has some kind of electronically computed steering.. so if the steering wheel is steering left........ and my car starts to go right..... it fixes itself. sometimes i can feel the tires do something , i can sorta tell i am sliding on ice, but i haven't fishtailed yet. something about positive traction....... so if one tire starts to slip..... the control is taking away from it and put on the tires that have the traction....... Now how in the heck do they make it do that. :0). Well needless to say for the past 4 evenings, coming home from work, i've experienced lots and lots of snow and ice on the roads. oh an other safety feature that the car has, which by the way Bill hates. Is when you take the foot off the gas, the Jeep automatically begins the stopping process...... so if you want to take your foot off and just coast, it ain't gonna happen. So Thursday night, driving home i realized i was coming down the hill on ice a little too fast... i knew i couldn't put on the breaks without skidding... must admit i was nervous.... but as i started down the hill, the car started to slow down without me putting on the breaks..... it was at that moment... after years of having a van, and missing my mini van........ that a new love was established....... and i realized....... I LOVE MY JEEP!!!
So Bill, Katie, Sam and I went early this morning to get groceries, take care of Bill's mom. and then we went to the Drs. Office to clean that building. Sammy does help speed the cleaning process.... yes he can be a help when he wants too , We made it home at 3pm...... the only place i plan on going in the next day or two is to Johnny's IF he is going to be there. it's been so long since we went there, i do need him there to "remind" me what to do again.
I think i am going to leisurely put my house in order, and put in a movie........ and chill.......
Have a great day folks.....

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