Friday, January 08, 2010

Who Forgot to tell God!!!

Where does time go? This picture was taken when i was 4 years old, wow that was almost 20 years ago ;0) *wink!!! okay okay, this picture was taken almost 39 years ago this May.
I should give a blog update. I have been happily busy at work. I've been getting home no earlier than 7 pm all week. This was the first week i got to speak with patients as a "future" wellness coach. and i am loving it! The Doctor spoke with me yesterday and he is pleased with how things are working out. I am seeing this direction more clearly...... it was a vague vision 3 years ago when I made a promise to Melody, my angel in Heaven. and it has always been dormant in the deep corners of my mind ever since.
Now, may i please ask? Who forgot to tell God, that our world is supposed to be going through a global warming. I think when it snowed during the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen, and Obama had to leave early to deal with DC Snow storms........ i should have known then and there that God has a sense of humor, and he isn't afraid to use it. It has been snowing daily for over a week now. the temperature hangs around 20 degrees but doesn't mind dipping in the teens. they are talking about most of US being blanketed in snow and freezing temperatures... and Meteorologist aren't just sure when we are going to get a decent break. I do not mind Winter. And actually i agree 100 % that we need to take care of our beautiful world, The World is and will always be forever changing... that is just how it is!
With me being so busy, I must say Bill has really taken on the home, and he is doing it with a smile, and yes i call him when i leave for work so that he can time me and make sure i don't get stranded in these snowy/icy/blizzardy roads. I walk in the door to a hot cup of coffee and a hot bath ready. gee, we are going on 9 years of marriage, ....... that would have warn off if it was going to right? We do not have a perfect marriage........ But we do have a great marriage. You know my life isn't always easy, and I've been through a lot. Even the crumbling of my first marriage when i was so devastated..... BUT i choose to take what God Gives me...... and i decide to make it a joy and blessing, it is just how i am, and how I always will be...... i got it from my mother. That woman loved life....... and even when God took her best thing in the world early ( my Dad, died when he was 52) She mourned........ and loved.......... and mourned...... and smiled. she never got bitter, or angry or hateful. And she somehow found the blessings that God gave her, and reminded me about them all the time..... Mom followed Dad 6 years later........ I sure do miss her. Christina will verify the joy my mom's face gave, even on her dying days ... as she was able to visit her before she died
Well I am not sure how i got on that subject......... wasn't planning too. but my Dad died on Jan 4, 1994 when the weather was just like it is now.... i had a heck of a time getting to my mom because the roads were so bad... wow 16 years ago,
So my first husband left me when i had 3 children ages 4 to 8, my dad died when he was 52, my mom died when she was 58.... i have a wedding picture of me and my first husband and my mom and dad... i remember looking at it shortly after mom died........ and it hit me..... at that moment, those where the MOST important people in my world...... And I lost them all in a period of 6 years!!! i think that would be enough to make someone pretty depressed. But God Blessed me, and it is only by his Grace..... that i didn't look at life that way..... it was by God's Grace that I got a second Chance for a wonderful marriage...... and it is by God's Grace that I have a Happy Marriage, (* even though my dearest friends know how there i times i want to sew his eyes and mouth shut, lol i am just saying)
Yes it is all by God's Grace.............

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