Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dr. Chaudhary is really looking into the over all health of his patients, mentally, emotionally, physically. He has and is in the process of looking into the decline of nutrition in the human population. He is a psychiatrist, he believes in pharmaceutical medicine BUT he refuses to just throw these medications on his patients, He wants to show them what is out there, he believes in DBT therapy, and yoga, and mindfulness, and exercise, most Americans when given a blood test are deficient in many vitamins and minerals now.. the big study out there now is Vitamin D. which they are saying is almost a hormone in keeping the body working. Well i recently started taking the multi vitamin, vitamin D and the Calcium....... these are all isotonic formulas that work with my lap band ( they quickly bypass my stomach, and go directly to the small intestines where they are processed for the body. With the Lap Band i find that early mornings are harder for me to take food in. So i started doing a protein shake...... (much better than nothing). When i saw the "numbers" on this shake, it shocked me. Surprisingly most shakes have minimal if any dietary fiber in them, and for instance the Slim Fast Optima Powder has 2 grams of protein it.
Here are the numbers for 5 types of powder containers i had in my home... (and yes after i did this i threw them away. except the muscle milk and the transitions. I am just giving my opinion and i am just reading the numbers........ not meaning to offend any company.
Slimfast Optima
calories 110
fat 1.5
carbs 18
fiber 5
sugar 6
protein 2
EAS soy protein
calories 170
fat 1.5
carbs 19
fiber 0
sugar 17
protein 20
Curves Shake
calories 115
fat 1.5
carbs 10
fiber 1
sugar 5
protein 15
Muscle Milk
calories 195
fat 6
carbs 11
fiber 1
sugar 2
protein 25
calories 200
fat 6
carbs 18
fiber 10
sugar 2
protein 18
now i did not include the liquid, (milk, water, soy) and i didn't deduct the fiber from the Carbs. as fiber does Nothing but travel through the body collecting floaty things such as cholesterol and carry them out the body..
In the morning i take this protein shake (chocolate) with 8 oz of skim milk, and 1/2 cup of frozen berries. i put this in my Bullet blender... and it is delicious. i could use ice, frozen 1/3 of a banana, frozen spoon of almond butter. frozen pineapple chunks i can use the vanilla with a frozen apple and dash of Cinnamon.... so many idea's.
This DOES keep the hunger away for a good 3 or 4 hours. , and i must say that my intestines are getting used to starting my morning with such a great fiber number. If you do protein shakes, this is definitely worth investigating. :0).
I so need a lap band adjustment. I CANNOT EAT FAST ANYMORE but i notice i can eat a little more that i used to but slowly... but not nearly like i ate even 3 years ago.
We have Country Meadows Gym up and running.......... i've been there twice. and my body notices it. i miss my woods........ and i am ready for that.
I need to step back, focus..... and tweak myself, cause i would really like to lose as close to the last 75 lbs by New Years Eve 2010, that would mean it took me 4 years to lose the weight that was killing me........ going on 4 years now........ WOW....
well i am heading out the door in a few to head to work....... make it a great day.

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