Friday, January 15, 2010

~country meadows gym~

Well, our very own private "gym" in our back yards. and i must admit, Christina and I worked our A** off. Funny how much learning from Johnny has stuck in our minds. we have a treadmill, and elliptical, and weight machines and benches and free weights, and exercise balls and exercise bands A huge TV and the ability to do many exercise videos, yoga and dance. I think we are set :0).
I think you are going to hear more about my weight loss journey than normal on the blog. just because i am switching gears a little higher, as i am heading into the next "mile" of my journey.
past couple weeks i began to really pay attention to my eating again...... being mindful of how what when and where i eat. Me working at Doctor Chaudhary's office is keeping me an honest girl LOL.
Yesterday's food was the berry shake in the AM
Lunch was grilled turkey burger ( homemade and pre frozen so i just pull out and cook) mixed veggies steamed (cauliflower, pea pods, carrots) light yogurt with mixed berries
Supper was a light wrap 90 calories 9 grams of fiber, turkey breast, 1 slice of bacon, crisp, tomato's, onion, 1 slice of LF Cheddar, and light mayo oh and a few black olives.
I was "allowed one more meal.......... but i didn't get to it........ and i was not hungry.
I made the men...... "oat meal" pancakes. my x mother in law sent me some "powder" made up and i just added eggs, oil and water. a relative of hers has heart disease, and these are what he eats..... they are made with oats, whole wheat flour, Cinnamon, some brown sugar, and some powdered milk..... and maybe cream of tarter, and maybe some soda...... it makes 10 cups of mix. and is stored in an airtight contain, and you use it as you need it. Bill and Drew Loved them. Bill said when he could normally eat 8 pancakes....... he could only do 2. and he wasn't hungry later on in the evening either. the left overs i froze, and i can take one out, warm it up, put some almond butter on it, or some fruit, or some peanut butter and there is a quick high fiber healthy breakfast ( hi Patti, love ya)
Speaking of Patti...... this girl lives so far away and i must say she is one of my dearest and best friends. just knowing her helps me to stay on tract. Thanks Patti.
Well i should get going............ didn't do a thing at home, but hey got my exercise in, that is way more important. have lunch made ( refried bean/ green chile's/chipolte seasons/ shredded cheese baked in oven. i'll then add a dollop of light sour cream and chopped tomato's on it at work. more mixed steamed veggies. and a light yogurt or sugar free chocolate pudding (*the only sugar free thing i eat )
Have a great weekend everyone.......


Patti's Parlor said...

Well look at Christina, fitness equipment model! Lookin good g/f.
Dear Sandi. I see a poached egg in your future. LOL
Love you too g/f.

Patti's Parlor said...

Oh, and tell Boogie Man Bill I said "no pancakes on Monday. It's low carb day".....

Chris said...

Wow, I'm going so "fast" my feet are nothing but a blur! Too bad you didn't blur the rest too! I'm going to have to start doing my hair before I head to the gym now! ;-}