Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christina Said....................

okay Christina, the woman that last wrote on her blog LAST YEAR just told me i needed to change my blog, she doesn't like clicking and seeing herself working out.......... So i guess i will :0).
I have been doing really well doing 4 meals daily....... i eat slowly, and i eat until i am full one meal is my protein shake with berries, two are my meals, and the fourth can be Greek yogurt, lowfat cheese, sugar free pudding... or something like that. in the 3-4 hours between meals i make sure to drink 3 glasses of Water.
Our big screen TV in the living room died this weekend, my brother Johnny gave it to Us about 7 years ago, and he had it a few years before that....... i didn't even skip a beat. for some reason it didn't bother me much. I brought the television out from my bedroom to the living room. and for the first time since i can remember, i do not have the TV in my bedroom. and i can't say that i am missing it....... I am a reader, so when i go to bed, i read a while, and then fall quickly asleep... and i've slept quiet well for two days in a row. I am not sure why I've been having really vivid funky Dreams that i have NO idea why i am dreaming them, and wonder even more why i remember them when i wake up. Last night i dreamt , i was raising my kids in my childhood home, and in the dream we had a GIANT cat living in our basement.......... and when i say giant, i mean Clifford the big red dog size Giant...... 30 feet long..... and every time my boys and i had to get in the car, the cat would try and smash us............. what is up with that???
Tuesdays are my long days at work, so i'll be getting home later tonight. It is so nice to have a job to go to that i do not mind....... there is NO stress!!!! I love it !!! I don't go until 330, so i'd like to get the house clean and in order. i should get down to CM Gym. and get a shower too......
Oh and one other thing poor Patti is now going to have Verizon........ which means..... i can talk and talk and talk and talk......... poor girl..... Look out
Have a great day... I AM Going down to the gym........... that has to be a priority.
I'll come back and clean..........
see you later


Patti said...

Don't tell Chris but I've been noticing she hasn't made a blog entry since last year too!

Chris said...

I heard that! ;-)
P.S. Thank you Sandi!