Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a calorie is NOT a calorie~a fat is NOT a fat

one of the main things i've been doing to prepare for the next leg of my weightloss journey is focusing and becoming more "mindful" on what i am eating again. so i started writing everything down, keeping track of calories, fat, protein, fiber and carbs. Now understand this is my opinion, and i am not a registered dietitian. But Calories in = Calories out (exercise, metabolism, activity level) is a crock of crap. 1000 calories worth of Twinkies is not the same as 1000 calories worth Salmon and steam veggies. By body will metabolize each meal totally differently, my glucose levels, pancreas, liver, kidneys and endocrine system will respond in different ways. many weightloss and diet websites use the percentage way of measuring just can't be accurate. In the morning when i take one tablespoon of cold packed Flaxseed oil that equals 11 grams of fat. will immediately throw my "balanced percentages" off not to mention the 1/4 cup of roasted organic sunflower seeds I have as an afternoon snack at 14 grams of fat. so with two small additions to my daily intake, i've already ingested 25 grams of fat. AGAIN 25 grams of this type of fat is NOT the same as 25 grams of fat coming from bacon, pastries, crackers and such. A "lowfat" diet is lost before my day even begins. Yesterday was a great day. my calories ended up 1700, and my protein intake ended up 100 grams, had 5+ servings of fruits and veggies ( need to increase that just a little, ) had 3 servings of the heart healthy fats, 4 servings of lowfat dairy. My 100 g of Protein came mainly from grilled fish, turkey breast, nuts. my Carbohydrates came from 100% whole wheat bread, and Light wraps, fruit and veggies. all good sources of fiber too :0).
Friday is my 3rd adjustment to the lapband, i haven't had an adjustment in 6 months, and i haven't even hit what they call the "sweet" spot yet. the adjustment i was supposed to have at the end of October, was supposed to help get to that spot. Dr. Mike left, and then the other doctor who does adjustments was in an accident....... and the waiting list for an adjustment was long..... So my goal is to eat the same foods. but instead of 1/4th cup of seeds, i'll eat an 1/8 cup . instead of 4 to 6 oz of salmon or tilapia, i'll eat 3 to 4 oz of tilapia. I had an extra meal last night which i did not need which gave me another 400 calories. I should realistically with the lapband stick to 4 meals a day. So my calories should decrease to about 1200 after the adjustment, and protein may go down to about 80 grams a day. a little low. but very dense in nutrition. and don't forget. Next year at this time i'd like to drop a good 50 to 75lbs more.
well enough of this chit chat.... looking forward to Friday. Christina, Megan and Paige are going to escort me to Pittsburgh. we will meet up with Jeanine and i am hoping to stop at Trader Joe's. a great day in Pittsburgh. even though "trader Joe's" isn't Katie's cup of tea, i wish she wasn't in school 5 days a week, cause she'd have fun too........ then it would be ALL the girls. not only is she in school full time, her work doesn't seem to understand she wanted to cut back on hours.. so friday she goes from school to work......... what a good girl

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