Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road trip/ back on track

well got back from a 4 day road trip this past week. left on Thursday at 8 pm and drove through the night... it was great going with Chris, and i adore Megan and the kids, i must say the kids were absolutely perfect. And Chris is like the best road trip driver ever. i must say i didn't keep track on eating like i should, BUT i really did try and stay active...... more than i ever do. i think it is the fitbit. i wanted to come back and show alot of activity.... i mean on friday. i went outside with Megans two little nephews and ran up and down a steep hill pulling them in a wagon......... several times. went walking every chance i got. my kids think i am nuts.... for instance yesterday evening i reviewed my stats on fitbit..... and i was short several flights of stairs, and steps...... so at 10 pm there i am running up and down my flight of stairs....ten times........ and then i march in place and pace rather quickly to get 3000 steps in before days end. well back to the gym today........... :0). so i should get going so i have time to use the eliptical. Have an awesome day.

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