Monday, November 21, 2011

The Plan

So i really sucked at logging my food, i start with good intentions and then i just crash with the intent. Soooooooo this week has a holiday in it, we are traveling a good distance, and i will be missing two regular gym days. that is certainly precurser to failure. what can I do? i can get extra exercise in while i am away. I can document everything i eat to be more aware. I can take walks while i am at my sister in laws, and i can keep active with my fitbit. So that is the plan, and i can only give it my best shot. Today is a busy day~ helping my daughter out by getting the little girl she babysits for to school, then to the gym, then i am going to see Breaking Dawn with my friends from work. Tomorrow i plan on working for as long as it takes as i will not be there until the next tuesday. Have a wonderful and Blessed day!

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