Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nursing home for the pets

Well i feel like i am a hospice nurse for my Pets, My dog louie was given to me by my brother, he was a rescue dog taken off of death row by a day. not sure how old he is. he was between 8 and 12, meaning now he's between 12 and 16. he has no teeth, blind, and his back hips give him a fit when he stands up or sits down. but he is happy and enjoying his life of wonderful food, rest and love. Katie and I have started to carry him up the steps into the house. he can do it, but it takes him so long and it takes alot out of him. Our Cat is 16 going on 17. this summer was a great time for her, exploring in our yard, catching a bird or two, warming herself with the sun's rays. she is getting very ill very fast, and has dropped tons of weight so quickly... i feel she is on her final days. I don't want to strart poking and prodding on such an old girl just to prolong her life by a few months. she is eating baked turkey and chicken, we picked up some Cat Milk that she loved, and Katie is hand feeding her.... the hard part is waiting and watching her get so skinny. Katie came into the bed this morning crying because she said the Cat is so bad, and she cant handle watching her.... Katie doesn't want her to suffer.. it is true this waiting is so hard, Do we put her to sleep and help her along...... or do we just wait for nature to take its course, gee these damn pets :0), well i've got a descision to make. I better go check on the pets now. have a good day.

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Patti's Parlor said...

Its so hard watching them get old.
Hugs and kisses to all.