Sunday, June 21, 2009

Music Composer Bach

I laid in bed early this morning, thinking of something to text my brother~ no gas in the car, not feeling well, my ONLY day off, lets start fresh this week.............. I get up, put on my sweats and t-shirt, put a hat on my head,fill up my water bottle...... head out the door. it wasn't like i was even fighting good angel, bad angel! I just went to work out, not going wasn't an option!! Christina got back from the beach yesterday, Johnny said she "should" have been able to come this morning. he is going to pick on her about that this week. I personally wouldn't have gone either, if i just got back from a 10 hour drive from a week at the beach~ so i get in the car, and for some odd reason i put on a classical radio station and listened to Bach.......... It was oddly relaxing, rejuvenating........refreshing!!!! By the time i got to the gym i was more than ready to workout.... it was a very difficult workout, it is harder without Christina there cause Johnny pays attention to me 100% of the takes 20 minutes, he combines all that i need to do in 20 minutes. and when i am done i am soaking wet with sweat. so i get on the bike for 10 minutes, do the 20 minutes with John. and then he has me do the 10 minutes super cardio on the bike...... were i ride the bike like a bat out of Hell for 30 seconds, ride normal for 90 seconds, rinse and repeat for 10 minutes. it is very effective, and he said i'll be burning fat for hours afterwards. it's great not having to spend two hours in a gym to get the same results if not better. :0)
I am really getting in shape, I realized being at my new job..... has actually helped me, first and formost he encourages healthy eating.... only food lying around is dried fruits , nuts, and fresh fruit. the refrigerator is filled with veggie salads and fruit salads, with healthy dressings and lowfat dips. POP is not allowed in the building...... everyone walks around with their water in hand. secondly Dr Chaudhary made an old farm house into his office practice. it has 4 levels. lots of steps actually i climb up and down steps ALL day long......... from my office to the main office i must go up 4 steps, down 4 steps, and down 6 steps........ i may do this 20 times a day. and if i need to go to a counselors office that means climbing 12 steps, and if i need to go to records that is the attic, that is 24 steps up... i do this several times a day..... it is starting to really pay off :0).
Friday at the bi weekly staff meeting, the doctor gave all of his staff an assignment, and we are to discuss it at the next meeting...... the assignment was mindful eating. He says we all eat food too fast, eat too much, and sometimes don't even pay attention to what we are eating. He wants us to at least slow down, look at the food, the color of the food, the smell of the food, the texture of the food, think about how the food got on our plate....... think about what the food will do for the body..........chew our food slowly......... eat less, listen to our bodies telling us we've had enough........ I learned this before i had my lapband surgery!! ........ I've been a nurse for 20 years...... i have never worked for a boss like this.... i love how God puts me in a place where he knows I need..... I start this job 2 weeks after my lap band surgery, a job that is keeping me on track, whether i want to or not !!!!
I am so glad Christina is back home, didn't realize how much her friendship means to me, even the short morning phone calls just to say Hi and whatcha ya doin today???
I am really hoping Bill goes back to work soon, i've already imagined sewing his eyes shut 4 times in the past month, ......
I wonder what is going on, I have my second migraine in 4 days, I actually lost my vision in the middle of blogging.......started this blog 4 hours ago, had to stop take my Pill i take at the first sign of the light show, and went and took a 40 minute nap......... so i think i am going to end this now........cause the computer screen is stating to bother me
I love my life.......... i really do....... wouldn't change anything......
make it a great day

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