Monday, June 01, 2009

what a great weekend

first of all we couldn't have asked for nicer weather, let's see, Patti has been here 4 times, the first time it was too hot, and rainy, the time after that it was too cold with lots of snow, the time after that it was too humid and uncomfortable, and this last time, 70 degree weather, gentle breeze, blue sky's, chilly nights.

AFTER all these years, Patti finally went on a hike with me...... it was so much fun. we hiked 5 miles, and like Patti said, it pretty much is A~L~L up hill. Katie, Christina, and Bill as well as Juneau, Izzy and Louie all came along. We went to Amish country and had lunch...... very good. i had some pasta that did not agree with my lap band, but the discomfort only lasted 15 minutes. The "Amish" folks were out in full force... Patti saw them every where she turned.

I wish i can explain in words the comfort of having Patti around. the kids and Bill just love her too. Saturday she watched the Penguin hockey game, ...

Christina came up every morning for coffee on the porch, it was great that she could hang with us all weekend.... and i must say Her and Patti ganged up on me....ALOT!!!!

Sunday we hit the Johnny Gym. so Patti got to meet my brother, he did not take pity on her, he worked her pretty hard...... she did "mosey" from one exercise to another, and once stopped for a drink, Johnny prodded her on...... LOL and we came home and went to help Christina bake cookies for her niece's wedding....... ummm I had the terrible job of cuddling and playing with baby Paige, and eventually we drifted off to sleep....hey someone had to do the tough job. And then i had the honor of experiencing Patti Cuisine........... and it was WORTH THE WAIT..... and that is all that i am going to say.

There was so much relaxation, and laughter........and peace.......... I could go on and on..... but i really got to get going.

Andrew is doing well, he is starting to feel more pain now the anesthesia is wearing off.......the little guy has been through so much...... can't wait until he starts to feel better...... hopefully soon.......speaking of which, I got to go and 'tend' to him.

maybe i'll chat more later.

Kellie thanks for calling last night it was great talking to you

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