Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fireflys/Lightning Bugs

Patti loves coming to PA to watch the lightning bugs at night......... not one showed up for her. The day she left, that night. one lightning bug landed on my window screen, it was the only one i saw. Well last night i am lying in bed, staring out the window..... and there they were, dozens and dozens of specks of green/yellow sparks dotting the yard! ahhh Patti you missed them by 2 days...... I fell asleep mesmerized by the little lightning bugs.

Andrew is doing so awesome, He was finally more tolerable last night, He's been experiencing severe headaches and pain around his eyes...... this is a very bad "allergy" time in PA. so i got him liquid Clairitin, liquid Motrin...... (Percocet doesn't have anti inflammatory agent), some really really good lip balm / medication, his lips look like a mine field exploded on them. He had such a tough time getting his tooth brush into his i went and got him a toddler tooth brush, he doesn't even mind ALMO. .... . . . He was actually quite comfortable. It is hard to believe it has been one week since his surgery....... that first week is always the hardest....... His apt is today....... hopefully it will be all good for them too.

Very busy day for me, i will go to work at 9am, take Andrew at 3 pm, go for a dinner meeting at 5pm....... I will find out today if i will be getting the second job i am looking in to........ you gotta do what you gotta do.

Bill remains on strike.... I think they are going to start talks again on the 10th of June......... God has managed to provide for Us as He always does. I have finally came to terms with putting my complete trust in God. and honestly haven't thought much of it........ I am enjoying the Miracle I see in Andrew, I am loving how i manage to continue to buy groceries and pay bills.........

My body has been extremely sore the past 2 days. i think it is a combination of the "all up hill hike", next day with Johnny,.... coming down from a very stressful time... and me at the peak of PMS, when my body is more tired and aches anyhow. I've been sleeping super well, have energy all day.......but when evening hits, i am ready for bed.

I gained two pounds this week, I think i ate a few more carbs than i usually do...... also I know the day after my period i can lose up to 7 lbs. surprisingly with Patti here, we continued a very active exercise routine, and we ate very healthy/well, and i don't think the second helping indulgence of the best chicken dish i every had (thanks Patti) did much damage.......and even if it did......... it was so Worth it :0)!!!! Bill said regardless of insurance or not, i will continue with my apt on June 27th. for the next adjustment/fill. which will cut my food intake even more.

well i think that is all for now, Have a great day!

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Patti's Parlor said...

Looks like someone screwed in a lightbulb to that little bugs tush.