Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Storm

well the first "big" storm of the summer, I love storms, i love the strength of a storm, the wind, the lightning the rain.... I laid on my bed, read a book (Harry Potter, half blood Prince) and enjoyed an evening of storms. i guess there were possible tornado's that hit near the Pittsburgh area... but nothing like that here.
I go for an adjustment/fill next week. Not sure where i am right now. Mornings i am very tight, actually i am finding it easier to take in a protein shake or a protein and fruit smoothie. Yesterday i tried a piece of left over meatloaf....... and that did NOT work. ate 3 bites, and started to slime big time. I must concentrate more on eating slowly and chewing my food very very well. Yesterday at lunch, i could eat my low fat curry chicken and cranberry salad, strawberries and tomato's, i could only eat one of my Rye Crisp WASA crackers, i started to get full, by suppertime, i was able to eat two soft taco's, and a sugar free pudding, plenty of food for me..
I am hoping for a walk this evening, I am sure I can talk Bill into going with me, Monday as i was driving by one of the trail heads i sometimes hike on, i spotted the cutest baby bear cub. i was so excited, hurrying to pull out my phone, i wanted to take a picture, but a growl in the woods and the baby cub was gone in an instant. Black bears as a rule are not dangerous, actually they are more skittish than deer. However, a mama bear that feels her cub cornered or in danger~ are not animals that you want to be around!!!
Well another busy day, I have NO stress at this job of mine. and even Katie even noticed, the other day she was driving me to work, and she said out of the blue,........" mom, you don't feel stressed going to this job" she can tell . This is EXACTLY where God wants me to be. and it is exciting to see what He has in store for me.
Christina and her family have a few more days at the beach.... they sound like they are having a great time, but i am sure no matter how much fun........ there is no place like home..... We are having a great time keeping an eye on things, Chris' home is like my second home, and i am totally comfortable there, actually we fight to see who gets to hang there, Corey loves the dogs, and he's spent a couple evenings there..... Katie plans on going down and cuddling the dogs and watch a movie in the piece and quiet. I have the Last Harry Potter book to read, i finished the half blood prince in two days. So Bill and i will go there this evening...... he'll drink some beer, eat popcorn and enjoy total control of the TV remote, ( although we have TVs in every room, the family likes to be together, and one control amongst 6 people, Bill doesn't touch it often)
Well i better get my butt moving....... talk later

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Patti's Parlor said...

When I saw the storm on the news I was wondering if it was the storm Bill was waiting for....