Monday, June 08, 2009

Pomegranate Green Tea

Guess I haven't blogged in a few days! Not for any bad reasons, just "busy" reasons. Andrew is doing so well, and he is going out in the public and showing his "new face". Not much more swelling left, and it barely bruised to begin with. He is so happy. He's getting to be skinnier than what he already was, now that he isn't under my wing every second of the day ( he's been hanging at his friends houses and such) I can't control that he is eating 4000 calories a day! He has a good 6 more months before he can really eat normally again. and 3 more weeks of liquids and pudding consistency foods.
So I had two weddings this weekend. My Sister Andrea got married. I am happy for her. I must say though, for the past 3 years she told me her church said she would be getting married, that year... and actually 7 years ago.... a minister said her husband would be coming within the year. I am not going to lie, i am not happy with her church, and i can't put in my blog the reasons i feel this way, because it isn't my place to do it here,BUT everyone has a right to worship how they choose, and My way isn't better or is just different!!! and i could get into a book on how i feel..... but really, it doesn't matter how i feel. So any how.. there were one or two people before her husband now, that she thought and was waiting and seeing if he was the one the church told her about!!! i never felt she would marry these men........ well then her husband Duane comes along, The second she told me ........" i have a date tonight, i think it was February, i immediately felt this one was different, and when after her first date, she said she was getting married...... I knew that she would be getting married!!!.... Duane is a wonderful soul, you can't but help immediately liking him. He is very gentle and kind, so non judgemental and accepting..... He will be very good for my sister. the one word i can say is....... they are a Unique couple!
the second wedding was a cousin from my X husbands side of the family. But i am going to say it right here and now....... This Family is MY family divorce didn't take that away from me. They put me at one of the family tables, and i must admit, I sat at the coolest table.... with the warmest sweetest people, Debbie, Livvy, and Joe are Christina's first cousins.... hell, they are my cousins too. Libby and Joe i don't see as often, But Debbie is one of the funniest sweetest people i know. she lives beside Albert's parents. She is the new grandma that Christina was talking about in her blog entry.... the proud grandma to baby Ava the little beauty with the precious smile and tons of hair :0). These beautiful people made Bill feel so at home....... and by the time we left, Livvy grabbed Bill and Hugged him......... telling him...... you get a hug, you are family now!!! The food was awesome, a traditional Italian buffet. Shrimp, Polenta, Stuffed Shells, Beef, Chicken........... some of the best food i've ever had at a wedding!!!
Speaking of food, let me talk about 2 weddings on a Lap band stomach. I knew that i couldn't eat at both, so at my Sisters wedding..... i took a dessert plate, put a Tablespoon of pasta, ham and scalloped potato's on it. and picked at it so it didn't appear i was being rude. i didn't have any cookies, or cake...... i took one bite of Bill's cake. During the Big Italian wedding, since i had the duty of holding baby Paige while she was sleeping, Bill got me a was pretty full i ate the shrimp, a little of the inside of the shell, a piece of beef and chicken, both about the size of a two inch square.... i ate about 1/3 of a pretty full plate. i only drank water the entire day......... and instead of eating plates of cookies, before hand i had veggies and a few chunks of cheese, and a bite of one of Bills cookies. I did have a piece of cake for dessert....... honestly i didn't think much of it until afterwards as i am sitting and chatting with Christina, If i were at the wedding two years ago........ i'd have drank 4 or 5 cherry cokes....... I don't drink alcohol as a rule. i'd of had countless plates of cookies, and countless plates of cheeses...... i'd of eaten the entire plate of dinner, and then i'd of continued to eat cookies and drink pop the rest of the evening!!! WoW i guess i Am restricted. and i guess my eating habits have changed
Well I better get going, have to be at work at 9am....... would like to get out of there at 2pm today...... we shall see
Have a great day.
OH PS, and why did i name my title what i did? Patti brought me some delicious Pomegranate TEA, So i used 4 of those tea bags and 6 of my green tea, tea bags.. and made Iced Tea!!! it is wonderful. I don't use sugar or sweetener now, it took a while to get used to unsweetened tea, but now i can't have it any other way...... how funny is that.... i try to drink 4 to 6 glasses of green tea daily...... along with my 8 glass of H2O.
okay now i gotta get going...... for real

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