Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is it my lapband???

Not sure what is going on, I think it is muscular surrounded near the lapband....... this is what happened......... I am at Christina's, holding Paige, talking to Megan and Chris.. when we are together, we spend most of the time in Laughter, I am not sure what we started laughing about, but i was holding Paige, twisted in an odd way and i started to feel pain right between my breast....... no it was near the bellybutton~ but right between where the breast SHOULD be ;0). lol. I came home was able to eat 3/4 cup of Chicken and 1/2 cup of cherries. no problem, I was able to drink just fine, no problem. but the pain in my lower chest still remains.. I iced it all evening...... I am going to call my Doctor this morning ...... I had plans on going to the gym......but frankly, if i irritated the muscles in the location of the lapband...... i do not want to risk causing more injury...
.... I'll just see what my Lapband Doctor has to say........ I am assuming though, if it has to do with my Lapband, i wouldn't have been able to eat so easy, and drink so much......... we shall see.
My Migraine seems to have gone away finally, I have a little headache this morning but this one is different... it feels like allergies
Well i am going to get ready for work today...... and then i am supposed to go out with the ladies I worked with at Kiski Prep........ I think i will go....
it is going to be hot and humid here in Pennsylvania....... weather i hate!!! so i think i'll go and find the "silver lining" in this hot humid weather

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