Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Drew is doing awesome, here is a photo of him 2 weeks post op!!! He looks great, and is feeling great, He has only lost a pound this week. so we are all doing our job on keeping him well fed. He was able to eat soft meatloaf yesterday. no bruising and not much more swelling. He is happy with the results.....
Yesterday was a blah day for me, had lots of cramps, no energy and needed to stay close to a bathroom. i did do a short yoga on demand with Bob Harper from the biggest loser....... and I don't know if it counts that i went to Christina's, i rested on one couch, she on an other, and we "watched" one of Jillian's tapes......... but hey we did watch the entire tape, so surely that counts for something. Today i am going to do a weight training session.
Now back to the title of this entry~ I don't know how or why, but i am restricted, and my adjustment isn't due until June 27th. it isn't like i can't drink, i can chug my water and green tea. it isn't like i can't eat, I can eat a cup of food maybe a little more. it's just if i eat too fast, i feel the pressure in the center of my chest, If i eat white bread, rice or pasta, i can feel it in my chest, yesterday i ate an egg/egg white omelet, lunch i ate grilled wings (4) and 1/4 cup of rice, and for supper i ate, 4 oz of grilled fish and a small salad w a tbs of blue cheese dressing. i also enjoyed a sugar free pudding with some whipped topping........ that is it!!!!
I wonder what happened that the restriction came one month after my first fill/adjustment???? it is making me be more mindful of what, how, when and where i eat.
Christina and her family go on vacation in a couple of days, i think i may just miss, or who knows maybe i'll enjoy the break :0) lol.
Well i have work today, so i should go grill my Turkey burger to take, make my guacamole , cut up my strawberries, and make my salad..... yummy lunch!!!!

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Patti's Parlor said...

Oh he looks great! But like Johnny said, he was good looking before the surgery. I miss the curls but I like the buzz. Now I won't have to paint Sam's nails to tell them apart!