Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so, this is how it is!!!

I had two doctor appointments yesterday, at my Ear/Nose/Throat doctor's appointment, they numbed my Nasal passage and put a camera up my nose and then down my throat, i was able to watch this the entire time and it was so cool. my larynx no longer is covered in infection, and my trachea is no longer swollen, red and infected.. ALL very good things. I am breathing so good........ and for the most part I feel good. Now for the other doctor appointment. I still do not have an appetite, and i am finding myself not eating, or when i do eat i get really really bloated and sick. I have continued to have a lot of Ribcage/sternum pain and Sunday night i did NOT sleep at all..... i couldn't get comfortable, and when i would fall asleep the pain would wake me up. Doctor said it could be one of three things........ because i was on such high doses of steroids for so long, this can damage the lining in my esophagus and stomach causing my symptoms. also steroids can weaken the bones, and during my "coughing" time i could have broken a bone in the rib, back or xyphoid process. or 3 years ago when i had my very first very bad lung illness/bronchitis..... i coughed for weeks nonstop, and they found out i had a hiatal hernia, an abnormal opening between where the digestive system is housed and the respiratory system is housed, many many people have this, but usually it causes NO problems. It could be that a part of my stomach has worked its way from my abdominal cavity to my respiratory cavity, this could get dangerous as it could cut off blood supply to parts of my stomach. So yesterday i went for tons of X-rays, i was put on Prevacid and Carafate to help heal my lining. And my doctor and I decided....... that my body can handle not eating sold food for a week if i don't want too..... but he suggested i drink a protein shake at meal times, and make sure that i am still drinking a lot of fluids so i don't become dehydrated. He told me to take medicine for pain at least at night, so that i can sleep, as i need to make sure i am getting a good nights sleep ( i hate taking extra medicine that i don't need to take, he and I argue about this all the time)
However folks, in all honesty..... I'd take this over not breathing any day.. and i don't feel even 1/1o as bad as i did when my lungs were so bad. and if i don't eat, i don't have a lot of pain, just when i try and eat. My blood pressure is back to normal now too....... oh yeah, and I am not angry about the steroids, I needed them, I needed my lungs and trachea to clear up, I'll deal with the side effects, I still consider Steroids my friend!

Doctor Klain okayed my walking, but said maybe hold off on Curves for a few weeks as the muscles in my chest are weakened, and still may be inflamed.... It is supposed to rain so much here in the next two days so not sure when I'll get out on the trails, Now normally i love walking in the rain, but i am not sure it being so cool outside and getting drenched right after i am getting over pneumonia is a good idea.

Hope everyone has a good day today

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Hugs and Kisses Sandi