Sunday, March 16, 2008

What can i even say......

Kimmie is here, need i say more??? She may not notice, but the second i saw her, i knew that she's been loosing some weight, it is easily noticeable... she looks really really good.

We have had a good time...... drinking tea, watching movies, talking, laughing, visiting Christina and Gina...... laughing some more and drinking more tea.

I made a huge pan of lasagna, and an Italian Beef pepperichini slow cook for sandwiches...... you add 1 can of beef broth, one can of beer, one jar of Italian pepperichini's. and sliced sweet onions.and a large sirloin roast........ cook it all day long...... remove the beef and shred with two forks, use a slotted spoon remove the peppers and onions.... return the beef to the broth... slice more fresh sweet onions..... use provolone cheese, and hard Italian rolls, you can add the cooked onions and peppers to your sandwich if you like..... it is delicious, gotta like the Italian peppers though.... I got to talk to Kimmie's mom on the phone.........she is the sweetest, and i just love her.... oh yeah, i am going to name my next puppy after her..... Saloma Jane!!! no i really am!!!! I think she is okay with that. At least she told Kimmie she was.

Okay ........ this was a funny thing that Christina said, Kim and i still are laughing about it.

to begin, Chris' daughter Jeanine has a beautiful golden retriever puppy Murray, he um like to um....... eat his poopoo.....they checked with their vet as how to rectify this problem.......

so i say

Me : how is Murray doing, does he still eat his poop?

Christina : well, they put sprinkles on it now.

Kim and I just looked at each other, thinking the same way, busted out laughing....... all i could picture chocolate piles with colored sprinkles....
so i guess if he was going to eat it......why not make it enjoyable right???

what she meant to say was that they sprinkle his dog food with something that makes the poopoo not as appealing to, ummmmm ingest. And they call Me Rose on Golden Girls..

Nathan...... i am praying for you... .Kellie, keep an eye on the mail for him. and can't wait for Nathan to be doing so well that we could kidnap you for a day..... i know it is going to happen,..

well we are having a surprise congratulations party for Bill he is finished with his schooling and is an official Pennsylvania State Constable....... love that guy.........

Cliff your birthday present from me is Keeping Kim here all weekend...... you just don't know how hard that is....... but i really thought for your 40th you just deserved such a wonderful present.....

Love and Blessings to all....


Kellie said...

"Rose" Dear I love sprinkles on my cho icecream. Don't you??????

Hey things are looking up today. Hope you GG's have a great time. I just realized. remember when we were all called the Gutter Girls aka GG's now we have evolved to the Golden Girls GG's LOL

Tell Kim howdy for me and I am so jellous. I have been drinking a lot of tea but would love a touch of wiskey to sweeten it up... LOL

Love ya

Kim said...


I had such a great time this weekend. You're home is so wonderful to come's just so relaxing. Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

P.S. I hope Bill enjoyed his "Constable" Party! He seemed really pleased.