Friday, March 28, 2008

Rise Again........

Okay Kim, you just HAVE to love this one., sit quietly and watch it..... you'll walk away from your computer feeling pretty good... no matter what kind of day you had

Easter has come and gone, and sadly I must admit, I let it pass quietly, ..... with chocolate candy, ham, family, old movies..... i didn't take time to reflect on what Easter truly means to me. The most significant event that gives All of us "HOPE" !!!! You know the song i have featured today, is a song i remembered hearing 27 years ago.... and even as a 14 year touched me so much, just as it touched me this morning!!! Yeah this world is nuts, and but guess what? God sees, He knows. and no matter what "~God is in Control~

I admit that sometimes i get so angry when i see people hiding behind the name of God, but not even living up to median standards. But guess what, God WILL deal with this, I need to focus on how I behave, And make sure that those around me see me and my actions as a refection of my dedication to God. And let me be so honest, there are times that it ain't gonna happen. also, there is no pretending in the Eyes of God, so no matter how much i pretend....... he knows exactly why i do, what i do, when i do!!!! ohhhhhhh, aren't we a work in progress? Some more than others ;~)
For the next 2 months my schedule is very hectic, like almost everyday something is in my planner, doctor appointments for Drew, working at Kiski prep, i am also babysitting a little boy on kiski campus a few days a week, Katie and Corey's track meets, I have Curves penciled in too just like any other appointment.
i am feeling so good..... but am so out of shape, and I am still getting bloated, and am not eating much.... my total calories for yesterday were less than 600. not good, and it is a vicious circle, because it won't be fat that i am loosing, I'll loose lean muscle mass, which will slow up my metabolism, which will stall my weight loss process.... well even if i eat my Bistro multigrain cracker with a chuck of low fat Cheddar, for breakfast, that is better than nothing., and then i can do berries with plain yogurt with a touch of vanilla and splenda, and maybe 1/2 of a smoked turkey sandwich on my flax and fiber bread, and maybe a meal can be a stalk of celery with my almond butter .... and if i eat every couple of hours something little........ maybe i can work up to 6 small meals a day ( right now i eat 2 small meals) Grocery shopping I also bought sugar free marmalade, grapes, fresh pineapple,fresh strawberries, apples, banana's, chicken breast, fish, tomato's, baby zucchini, low fat ranch, Flax and fiber bread,....... so there is no reason that I can't find something healthy to eat....
Bill is going to stop over at Kiski when he gets off work, and we are going to walk campus for a while..... at least 30 minutes. So I should get going and figure out something to put in the Crock pot for the kids when they get home from school, i work until 7pm.... have my weekend off........ and then look out April
Have a great weekend ..... and smile once or twice :~)

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Kim said...

Yes, I do love this song! It has always been one of my faves. Thanks for reminding me of it.

See ya soon!
Love ya!