Friday, March 14, 2008

ouch ouch ouch!!!!

It is hard to believe that I have been sick for almost 8 weeks. and a lot of that time I was stuck in the house "resting". No Curves no nothing. the only good thing was that my appetite was also affected, therefore i didn't eat much.

So yesterday when Bill got home from work we decided to hit the trails, I took my timer with me, and we decided to walk 15 minutes on the trail, and walk 15 minutes back..... well Kim, do you remember the trail we walked on....... walking into it wasn't so bad, there was that unnoticeable slop downward...... BUT, walking back, it is 1/2 mile of UPHILL climb. opps, i forgot about that. Also folks, I am not talking about the walking trails you see near Cities and such... around a beautiful park, paved, where i live, we are lucky they clear off the excess thorns and weeds... through some dirt and stone..........and voila' a "walking" trail. nothing else is touched....... it's one step above the deer made trails..

So........ anyhow, walking back, was very very difficult for me. the deep breathing was causing a lot of pain in the middle of my sternum but only when i inhaled. but i managed........ and when i got home it felt so good to have done something..... I'd like to do this every day....... but I am going to stick to my guns.... the 15 minute rule. also I think I'll find a more level trail to start on.

This morning when I woke feeling refreshed...... i stepped out of bed, and immediately became the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz...... the legs were like Jelly...... i wasn't sure how to walk, and my feet ached....... and then i remembered......i pushed my body just a little bit yesterday. what a good feeling.

Eating still isn't up there for me, i do eat but my stomach doesn't seem to want it....... I am drinking fluids though. well i got to run up to Christina's right prove to her that I am right about something...... I'll be back later


Chris said...

You proved yourself right but, you didn't prove me wrong. So I guess it's a draw!
And all you out there reading this, don't let her tell you that she was more right than me!!!

Kellie said...

Hey There Sandi. Hope all is getting better each day for you.
Love ya GF

PS... That kidnaping road trip you have been talking about......Any Time Dahlingk ANY TIME!

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you during your road to recovery. Take it easy though, nice and slow in starting yourself back into the walking.