Thursday, March 27, 2008

you light up my life

Kim said ..........That i may be PMSing it. Not sure why she'd think that...... maybe yesterday's post....... it was good talking with her yesterday....... she kept laughing at me, but hey i can handle it :~), but just to get even i should find another You tube song to put on my blog. I do want to clarify that there are many many many many many many many ministers that all though human, still work daily in trying to be moral. you know, it is possible to be both ;~). Kim did totally agree with me about the "degree" of immorality. So do I want to know an opinion from a Minister? esp. Kim's brother??? yeah bring it on, i am pretty sure i can hold my own ;~)

Hey i go to work today~ it has been a couple of months so i am looking forward to going.... there shouldn't be too many students, so I prob will not be busy. but i can read, do my grocery list, speaking of grocery shopping....... i never dreamt it would be such a strategic event. but that is what it has become. i have to figure out the meals i will be having, the kids each right a list on things they want/need. then i go through and see if i can find coupons.... i make sure the week i buy more meat is the opposite week that i buy laundry soaps. 3 growing teenage boys are a breed apart from humans, truly they are... with the increase in prices i easily spend 400.00 a week in groceries. And let me tell you, sad but true, the healthier foods are so much more expensive. So instead of getting all mac and cheese in boxes, and ramen noodles, and chips, and bags of candy. i get yogurts, and fruits, and turkey breast , and string cheese, and salsa and chicken breast, and lean roasts, fish, nuts, high fiber low sugar snack/cereal bars. whole wheat crackers, each kids gets one favorite candy for the week. boys usually get gummy worms or gummy lifesaver rings, Katie varies from week to week. Also Katie really dislikes healthy foods, she hates when i stop at Trader Joes, Andrew is the one that loves, the healthy foods. And Sam and Corey are right in the middle.

I've been busy doing a little extra spring cleaning so I have been slow in finishing the 4th Harry Potter book. so i am hoping I'll have time today at work. I have 3 and 1/4 books left to read. Kim don't buy the 4th book. you can just read Chris' i think i am going to do 20 minutes of yoga right now........and i will get back on to let you know if i did it or not...... because i could change my mind in the 10 steps to my room

Christina, Curves on Tuesday?, i just know that Doctor Klain will release me...... and i so so miss it. Bill's work hours will change he'll start earlier and leave earlier...... so next week we will begin walking on a regular basis....

oh and i have been on Claritin 24 hour, i take this little tiny pill every evening before bed..... and for the first time in years, i do not wake up in the morning with post nasal drip. And after snoring for 3 years, since I've been back from the hospital, i no longer snore. I am feeling so good in the lung department. And i think my stomach thing is resolving somewhat. yesterday at dinner time i could not eat, but i did have a protein shake made with frozen berries, and later i ate a few noodles. but i am not getting so pregnant looking every time i eat.

and last but not least, for you Kim:


Kellie i am waiting to hear from you.........still in my prayers daily.

p.s. Cliff, my email is, if you want to answer my question


Chris said...

Just in case Sandi fixes her goof before anyone else reads her post. I think she meant to say degree of immorality not immortality, 'cause I think there's only one degree of that! ;~)

P.S. That's an awful, awful song. It makes my teeth hurt!!!

Chris said...
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Chris said...

That was me, my comment got posted twice somehow.

Sandi said...

what Chris,
I don't know what you are talking about ;~) you are seeing things....... get your glasses

and love this song

Chris said...

Oooooh, I knew you'd fix it before anybody else got a chance to see it and we could make fun of you! Now all my fun is ruined :-(

Kim said...

I simply refuse to click on that link!

God must be punishing me for something.........

I saw the typo, Chris. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.