Sunday, January 06, 2008

Putting things away

I am one of those people, I actually like taking the tree down the day after Christmas. and everything else the day after New Years. This year I was a little preoccupied..... with Michael in the hospital. So yesterday I thought to self........ self, all the kids are here, why not take the tree down now.... with all the help it should be quick and painless. So in a matter of minutes the ornaments were off, and the lights and garland...... the older boys took the tree outside. And then i said to self again....... self, while everyone is here, why not take down ALL of the Christmas decorations down............. so down went the Santas, and the manger scenes, and the villages, ...... It felt good to get this accomplished, and it went much faster with all of the help!!! Corey and Andrew kept the washing machine going.... i of course folded and put the clean laundry in the proper rooms.... we all cleaned and dusted, and put away!!!!

Michael and his mom and dad are coming over for supper today. so yesterday I made my 10 hour spaghetti sauce... late last night I put together my stuffed shells so all that I have to do today is put it in the oven, make a salad, and heat the garlic bread!!! Sounds easy enough. I'll have Corey make some brownies, and Bill went to pick up ice cream and fudge topping, I of course will have a sugar free pudding sundae the jello brand 60 calories/ll carbs. 0 sugar. they have neat flavors right now (Dulce de Leche Vanilla Caramel, Chocolate Mint Fudge, and Mochaccino Chocolate Coffee) when i want something cool and creamy......... yummy!!!! I am only making dessert for the "others" once a week now......... usually Sundays! And the other days its a fruit...... right now it is Clementine Oranges!!!

I am hoping to make a trip to Trader Joe's ( love ya Kim) they have the best Flax seed tortilla chips....... and i must say.........ummmm.......... they keep you regular to say the least. I am really being cautious how I am eating..........and for now it is giving up SUGAR!!!! minus 1 little mini dark chocolate dove daily when needed.
I'll go to Curves tomorrow before work, and this week i really have to schedule it in. because I work Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat. some day shifts some evening shifts.. So I should go to Curves Weds evening....... and then Friday in the morning........... Sounds like a plan.

Andrew went back to school Friday........ and he did okay. I already miss him at home. one more doctor has "released" him. so now he has one more doctor to see in Pittsburgh. and if all goes well.............maybe, just maybe they will not need to see him much longer.

Well enough of this and that....... I think I'll go and organize something here at work.... and then e-mail some people that i haven't been in touch with for a while....

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Kellie said...

Yay for Andrew!!!!! It's been a long road the past few months for you guys. It is time to get back to normal hu!

Hope all is well with Michael.

It is in the 50's here today a bit rainy but good walking weather! I went for a walk after dinner. Jessica and I went then we went grocery shopping. I feel good to have gotten in some type of exercise today.

Later Gator!
Have a Great Week!!!